I WATCH as her tears fall right down her face……. we stand in my kitchen listening to “THY WILL BE DONE” by Hillary Scott on Christian radio.  She is broken in that moment and it took only a song………a song about GOD.

Ann Voskamp says on page 167 in her devotional “One Thousand Gifts” that:

“HE means to fill our emptiness with song.”

And I see it deep, right in front of me through tears of grace that are swept away quickly by her tired hands.  She said it had been a hard week.  It was the song that broke her.  Isn’t surrender like that?  In that moment with my friend, I realize that we really are all just broken vessels that need much filling of grace, mercy and love.  

When I surrender my all, my being, my authentic self to a worship song, isn’t that when my tears flow?  I used to fight them back, but I don’t anymore.  I don’t, because I know through the melody that GOD has touched me with HIS spirit and I don’t resist.  Most often the song is played with HIS perfect timing, just when I needed to hear. I know HE sees and HE delivers HIS grace to me in that moment of song.

I encourage you, rather, I challenge you to listen to Christian radio for 30 days!  There are a number of stations to choose from.  I prefer K-Love radio because I enjoy hearing the stories of people who turned on the radio and were touched by that exact song played at that moment.  The song often speaks to them in such a profound way that they make a commitment to Christ!  Isn’t that amazing?  Song touched their soul right then and there, more deeply than any words said to them by friends or family.  Other stories reveal people who while driving, must pull over because the tears started flowing and they couldn’t see where they were going on the road.  Can one song do that?


I love the saying……..garbage in, garbage out.  What we listen to really matters.  All that we see and hear does influence us and much of the time we are totally unaware of what the world around us is doing to us.  We get so used to the noise………do we even know what a beautiful song sounds like?  In our world things are so urgent with cell phones, laptops and 24 hour news. I am guilty like anyone else of getting caught up in it.  But I know when I’m leaning into the world too much because I will become short tempered and I’ll snap at anything that moves.  Yikes!  Are we so caught up in it all that we don’t take the time to sing?  Sing in your car, or at home…….hum a little tune. Sing songs of joy during the day and your praise songs will turn into worship for our Savior before long.  Singing will do that to you, whether you can really carry a tune or not!  

Remember my challenge here…….30 days of only Christian radio or CD’s, no secular music allowed and tell me what you’ve learned from it.  Tell me if listening and only worshiping the LORD has changed you……..I promise you it will!  Lean into and abide with HIM in the music you hear.  Your soul needs it.  Your outlook on everything around you will change, your love for the LORD will grow too and your heart will soften.  Listening to worship music will bring you peace and calm you on the inside.  You will realize over time what a blessing song is for your soul.  So just listen; begin today………and in the meantime, my urgent self tends to sing daily! How about you??




  1. Awesome challenge!! I keep it on in the car almost all the time and my boys WAY prefer KLove to the secular stations! It’s so true, the garbage we feed ourselves eeks out into all areas of life! I love filling my heart and soul with words of encouragement! Just like your blog posts! 🙂

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  2. Thanks for reading Tabitha……….it does my heart good knowing you are visiting here. I am so accustomed to Christian music that secular does nothing for me anymore. Maybe it’s the Spirit!


  3. I love your message Maxine! I too find the comfort of listening only to Christian music! Yes, it does change our life. Yes, it does bring me to that deep connection with our Heavenly Father each time the music is that perfect song for what I am needing right at that moment. Isn’t He so wonderful how that happens!? Thank you for your encouraging and uplifting words! Blessings to you.

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    1. Thanks sweet friend for taking the time to read…….I see you totally get what I’m saying about how song is a form of worship and how our thoughts throughout the day should continue for our LORD. Abide with HIM and HE will abide with you………continue to lean in friend!


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