We can kneel anywhere and anywhere can be HIS altar and holy ground.  Kneeling is the best posture before the LORD because of the submissive position and perspective.  HE IS THE HOLY GOD WE KNEEL BEFORE When GOD is the LORD of your life, you will not bow down to anyone…… why do we?  Why … More THE ALTAR OF HOLY GROUND


YOU can love GOD……..right there, right where your feet are…….did you know? ISAIAH 52:7  “HOW BEAUTIFUL ON THE MOUNTAINS ARE THE FEET OF THOSE WHO BRING GOOD NEWS……..” I have never thought my feet were beautiful…….they were stuck in figure skates for over 30 years and oh, how I have endured pain with them.  I … More WHEREVER YOUR FEET ARE


OUR GOD is immovable.  HE is solid as a rock and so is HIS word.  This is an eternal thing, because GOD is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.  GOD lifted HIS hand and the earth was formed and everything in it.  And HE has formed you and me too.  HE … More IMMOVABLE


There is no better time to make a fresh start……..take the time at the beginning of the New Year to reexamine your life and consider where GOD has you right now in your spiritual life. ARE YOU REJOICING? Are you praising HIM or someone else?  Because all glory belongs to the LORD.  Remember HIM each … More TIME TO CONSIDER


Thank GOD for trees and their deep roots.  They give us shelter from the sun and rain.  And their beauty in winter doesn’t fade with the dusting of snow.  It is truly amazing that even after their season of winter they bud again in the spring with new life.  It’s a renewal that they experience … More THE TRUE ROOT