I don’t know about you, but it truly saddens me where we are right now in our country.  So many people turning on one another without a thought as to the ugly words they are saying.  You have to wonder: do they look in the mirror?  As Christians we need to examine our hearts daily … More REFLECTIONS OF TRUTH


The Bible tells us there will always be poor people.  Material wealth is something not everyone enjoys.  If you own a computer or phone, Bible, had coffee in your favorite mug this morning, you already are richer than most of the world’s population.  DEUTERONOMY 15:11  “THERE WILL ALWAYS BE POOR PEOPLE IN THE LAND.” But … More YOU ARE RICH


Let’s take a small glory trip together shall we?  In so many ways we honor and glorify GOD, but HE doesn’t need our praise at all because HE IS GLORY!  GOD HIMSELF says that HE is glory…… ZECHARIAH 2: 5  “FOR I, SAYS THE LORD, WILL BE A WALL OF FIRE ALL AROUND HER, AND … More GOD IS GLORIOUS!


My favorite place to sit has always been on a bench.  If I see one, I want to sit there and see the view and watch the world go by.  Benches are placed in strategic areas usually because there is something beautiful to observe. Time seems to stop for me sitting on a bench…….but we … More LIFE IS FAST!


The only true way to know the current state of our souls is to get alone with GOD and ask HIM.  Taking the time, whatever that looks like for you, is important to the health of your soul.  If we don’t seriously take these precious times to heart, it will lead to this…… UNLESS WE … More SOUL MINDFULNESS


Recently my neighborhood walk took me to a particular street and as I rounded the corner and looked at the cars parked in a driveway, one car’s back windshield said in big bold letters:  LIONS NOT SHEEP. These three words can be taken a number of different ways, but I was struck by the inference … More LIONS NOT SHEEP


Are you a mountain person or a beach person?  Both have their amazing beauty, both made by the hand of GOD.  I am drawn continuously to the work of HIS hands……are you?  Gazing upon the ocean or looking up at a summit peak makes one realize that there is SOMEONE larger than ourselves.  All of … More OUR HIGHEST AUTHORITY


Oh how we pray for patience!  We learn over time that it is the one thing we probably shouldn’t pray for because we know we will always blow it! How often I fall short of patience, how often I will in the future and I continually ask GOD for forgiveness on this one.  When I … More PATIENCE REFINED