Honestly this is not a subject I wanted to write about……the calendar says it’s February and I always write about matters of the heart this month.  But the word persecution seems to be coming up in the headlines everywhere I look, so much so, that I cannot ignore it any longer. And neither should you…….I … More PERSECUTION IS COMING


GOD in HIS own way has pursued each of us……..HE found us and opened our eyes and hearts and changed us.  HE changed us to be HIS…….HIS beloved, a Royal Priesthood and Ambassadors for HIM on this earth.  WE ARE FOUND BY GOD! YES, HE has pursued us, not the other way around, because our … More FOUND AND GROUNDED


Choosing the word light for this year had me noticing on a walk the other day, that GOD’S light also produces shadows and shade.  Here in Arizona we experience 325 days of sunshine!  But you learn very quickly that the shade or shadow of a tree or anything for that matter is important to find … More LIGHT AND SHADOWS


As 2021 begins, we all rethink again and take stock as to where we are in life.  After the year we just had, some want a fresh start, others set goals and many make resolutions. The problem with resolutions is that they don’t stick…….usually you have broken them by March.  Some people choose words to … More A NEW YOU


If you ponder the thought…….only ONE divine night happened to change the world. JESUS was born to dwell among us…….GOD with us……IMMANUEL.  And on one DIVINE night touched by GOD, HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON was born to us……..GLORY to GOD in the HIGHEST! JOHN 1: 14  “AND THE WORD BECAME FLESH AND DWELT AMONG US, … More ONE DIVINE NIGHT


OH THAT JESUS IS THE PERFECT GIFT THIS CHRISTMAS!  You can’t buy HIM like we try to buy a perfect gift for someone.  No, HE IS THE GIFT!  You cannot create Christmas…….because Christmas has already come in JESUS, born of a virgin and laid in a Manger long ago. And when you realize you haven’t … More GLAD TIDINGS!