If you think about it, we all are planting seeds of goodness or seeds of negativity along the way.  I have learned that the good seeds of GOD can and will be watered either by us or someone else.  But planting only good seeds should be our goal each day. The seeds we plant in … More FERTILE GROUND


BECAUSE OF ONE HURRICANE AFTER ANOTHER YOU HAVE TO WONDER……… How many hands reached across the miles and how many hands were lifted in prayer? How many prayers were said over homes, and doors and windows? What kind of prayers were said for families, friends and neighbors? So many prayers and folded hands lifted high…….all … More CROSSBEAM


If you think about it, our on the job training as a Christian is an experience in development of our spiritual gifts, as well as our character and integrity. When we are touched by the Holy Spirit and our eyes are opened to our sin condition, there is something deep within us that gives us … More ON THE JOB TRAINING


When I was walking this morning I was looking at people’s porches to see how many chairs were out.  Some only had one, but many had two or more.   It was the single chair that made me sad, wondering if the person living inside had no one to sit with.  You see we all … More IT ONLY TAKES TWO