It is always a wonderful surprise to look and see a comment left for you from a fellow blogger that you have been nominated!  It warms my heart and is a blessing right from GOD that someone looked and read my blog.  Someone, took the time to notice and a blogger knows we spend time as it … More NOMINATED AGAIN!


DO YOU EVER WRESTLE WITH GOD?  You know the kind…….where you are on your knees, down and dirty in the trenches asking HIM all sorts of things, tears flowing, body shaking?  Do you throw your hands up in frustration saying ” it’s not fair” or “LORD, I just don’t get it!” We cannot deny those feelings … More WRESTLE WELL


If you think on it……..we are all one of many parts of the Body of Christ.  We all have many gifts that contribute to the whole.  We are many, but we all belong to ONE GOD. 1 Corinthians 12: 13 “FOR WE WERE ALL BAPTIZED BY ONE SPIRIT SO AS TO FORM ONE BODY.” Christ … More THERE IS ONE


HE TAKES YOUR EMPTY HANDS AND FILLS THEM…….. What do we bring our LORD, except empty hands?  Often we bring hands that are tired and battered…….fingers that are split and bleeding or even broken.  But still……..we bring them. Our hands are a work of art, created by the LORD who knew we would need them.  … More EMPTY HANDS


I look for GOD in the early a.m. and see HIS hand there……..Sovereign fingers that have painted the sky all soft with pink and blue.  The view stills me. PSALM 104: 2 “HE WRAPS HIMSELF IN LIGHT AS IF IT WERE A ROBE, SPREADING OUT THE SKY LIKE A CANOPY.” As the day begins, I … More A GOD HUNTER


It is interesting to me that one of my final posts would fall on Christmas Day!  It is just a wonderful reminder how GOD’S love has been so abundant for me this past year.  And because the LORD is abundant in HIS mercies and grace then we are able to: Have as much of GOD as … More MERRY CHRISTMAS!


I dropped my stack of books and Bible off my lap onto the floor trying to process what my friend was telling me…….someone we held dear to us had taken her life.  But this time of year?  Yes, she did. My feeling of shock and unbelief is very evident to me because I just cannot … More A NEED OF HIS PEACE