First I want to thank you for all the well wishes posted here for safe travels for us to Lake Havasu, AZ and Zion, Utah.  The views were breathtaking and soaking them in was good for both of our souls! So how is the state of your soul right now dear one?  Like me, you … More THE GREAT EXCHANGE


We are planning a trip to Utah……we leave today.  And since I will be gone this next Tuesday, I am planning on just a small break.  Honestly, all my free time on vacation will go to reading and writing.  And so I will miss you here, but know dear reader, I haven’t forgotten you! It … More A NOTE FOR YOU


If only I had seen that coming!  How often have we said this?  Sometimes life changes on a dime and sometimes there are unforeseen tragedies, surprises and events.  Are we taken by surprise?  Of course we are! How often we wish we could see what is coming around the corner………but do we really want to … More LIMITED SIGHT


Many of us at one time or another have been on a walking path and realized that there was no shortcut to where we thought we were going.  Only the long way around would take us there.  We tend to love shortcuts if they require less time and effort to accomplish a goal.  But there … More NO SHORTCUTS


  Don’t we as humans hold on tight to what we don’t want to lose?  I see people today holding so tight to everything and who can blame them when our society is going sideways!  Chaos creates fear and fear causes people to hold on tight to those they love and things they love.  The … More LOOSEN YOUR GRIP


Many of us have gone to school for years.  Some people go to receive that prestigious degree, others graduate and move into jobs and the classroom is a distant memory.  All of humanity exists in the schoolroom of life.  And there are those who recognize that we are in GOD’S schoolroom from the time we … More GOD’S SCHOOLROOM


If you look at these past 12 months differently like I do, you may see that all the lock downs and restrictions have made our lives simple.  We don’t eat out like we used to and I really don’t even shop anymore.  I zoom more and call more than I ever did.  I read more … More SIMPLE FAITH