I would rather be too vulnerable than too tough.  How many of us were raised with this idea: only the tough win…….only the tough are a success in life. I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda through with being tough. I don’t want or need to be a “rock” and I will tell you … More NOT LIKE A ROCK


Be careful dear ones where your feet tread.  Here in Arizona during the hot summer months we need to watch carefully on all sidewalks and yards for fire ants.  Being bit by even one is a bad experience.  I know firsthand because one summer I walked into a group of them, wound up with 11 … More STEPS OF SUCCESS


Because of the world spinning out of control lately, my thoughts turn to how and where in the world do I find safety? Home is always a sanctuary for most and we tend to feel safe within our four walls.  But what about when you step out into the world beyond your home? Safety can … More YOU ARE SAFE HERE


I think at some point we are all faced with a nagging question as we sit and listen and ponder the message given to us at Church.  We all come to that point in our walks, the Spirit compels us to face it square on…… now that we believe and confess with our mouths that … More WHAT SHALL WE DO?


These days my son carries around his Bible like it is a piece of gold.  He is immersed in the everlasting truth and understanding the value of GOD’S word:  priceless! Wherever you are right now in your faith walk I want you to ponder this……..are you living spiritual wealthy or like a pauper? Only the … More SPIRITUAL WEALTH