Everyone has been or will be broken one time or another in their life…….some of us are way more broken than others.  I can’t explain why this is, it just is.  WE ALL ARE THE WALKING WOUNDED But our GOD sees this and HE knows.  Why?  Remember that CHRIST was broken too, for you and … More WOUNDED WARRIORS WIN


Everyone enjoys watching a game until the very end.  Games are won usually in the 4th quarter.  I recently attended a seminar at my Church on how to finish out this last chapter of our lives. MAY WE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO FINISH LIFE WELL. What this means is that if you think you are … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


Because we are human, different from one another with all our faults, success and failures, GOD communicates with each of us in a unique way.   HE has HIS very own way with you and HIS way with me.  HE reminds us every day of who HE is.  We need only pay attention to HIS unique … More A TANGIBLE REMINDER


All of us are spiritual messengers……..did you know?  GOD writes upon our lives every single day so that we can bring HIS messages to the world. JESUS IS THE MESSENGER OF THE WORD AND HIS WORD IS TRUTH. JOHN 1: 1  “IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD AND THE WORD WAS WITH GOD, AND THE … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


Honestly there is no place right now that I would rather be than in Church.  I wake up usually on the weekend looking so forward to it that there is joy within me.  We do sing songs before we hear the word preached and our worship team is a good one.  PSALM 132: 7  “LET … More UNIFY AND GLORIFY


None of us go through this life without tough times, wonderful times and small insignificant times.  Our times are in GOD’S hands.  And how many times do we ask HIM:  is this really part of your plan LORD? WE ALL MUST DRINK FROM THE CUP SOONER OR LATER. Yes, even this, even now, wherever we … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


Are you at home with GOD or are you more at home with the world?  Because we need to continually check ourselves with this fact.  If we are more at home with the world then we have intentionally drifted from GOD.  The world will pull us in and we need to continually pull ourselves away.  … More AT HOME WITH GOD


I read this week a reminder for all of us:  “keep away from anything that might take GOD’S place in your heart.” Keep away, stay away and don’t go near.  It is a warning and it is meaningful for us all.  The world and all it’s distractions are just that, idols that can take the … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


I have a stack of written letters from my father and they mean so much to me to read and to know how much he loved me.  Our Bibles were written for us by a gracious FATHER too, as a living letter of Spirit and Truth.  GOD has put all HIS love, provision and care … More LIVING LETTERS


Two steps forward, one step back.  Ever feel this way?  I can feel my spiritual journey moving forward, but it’s the hard difficulties that trip me up, that make me question everything I know, or do they?  Often I am beset by difficulties. Everything does and will not go perfectly and smoothly in this life.  … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS