One of the most misunderstood concepts of the Gospel is that you cannot earn GOD’S love and forgiveness.  No, you cannot earn HIS love and forgiveness, because it is HIS free gift to you.  But how many of us try to earn HIS love!   How often do we try to earn GOD’S approval?  Maybe we … More YOU CANNOT EARN IT


If I am not thanking GOD for all things that come my way, isn’t this a form of selective faith? Think on this: why do we remember to thank GOD always for the good blessings that come our way, but we can’t seem to see the bad stuff in the same way?  We tend to … More SELECTIVE FAITH


If you look around you, here in the good old USA, we really do have blessing upon blessing.   We have a blessing of wealth and freedom in our country.  But I want to talk about our greatest blessing we have and it is a spiritual one, a treasure beyond anything else we could ever own…… … More OUR GREATEST BLESSING


It is always a wonderful surprise to look and see a comment left for you from a fellow blogger that you have been nominated!  It warms my heart and is a blessing right from GOD that someone looked and read my blog.  Someone, took the time to notice and a blogger knows we spend time as it … More NOMINATED AGAIN!