One of my favorite things to imagine is arriving in Heaven and seeing the long table set for a KING and all of HIS followers.  It will be beautiful, probably like nothing my mind could really think of…….. PSALM 23: 5  “YOU PREPARE A TABLE BEFORE ME.” After JESUS’ resurrection HE appeared to HIS disciples … More THE TABLE IS SET FOR US!


The LORD GOD is the creator of all things……….all………things.  It seems in this day and age that we have moved toward a worship of the created rather than the CREATOR.  GOD is the giver of all things and our CREATOR……let’s remember that before we give the created all the credit.  HE is our life and … More CREATE IN ME


OUR GOD is immovable.  HE is solid as a rock and so is HIS word.  This is an eternal thing, because GOD is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.  GOD lifted HIS hand and the earth was formed and everything in it.  And HE has formed you and me too.  HE … More IMMOVABLE


When night comes…….what do you see?  I see light all around and this Christmas, lights are everywhere.  We hang them on our tree and houses.  We light candles that are all aglow.  In the darkness the light comes. IN THE DARK OF NIGHT BABY JESUS CAME. And with light all around us we search for … More WHEN NIGHT COMES


We all have special days in our lives, like birthdays and anniversaries.  These days are lovingly placed upon our busy calendars and looked forward to with hope and joy.  There are other days that matter too: first days of a new job, first day in a new year of school, first day of chemo, last … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


Anyone else love a red letter Bible?  I grew up with one and many translations today still have those words in red.  Those words in red are words said by JESUS.  They are important and you cannot miss them because they are red.  They stand out and you will find them mostly in the 4 … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


I have been lighting a candle each day.  The flame burns brightly in the early a.m. and it chases away the darkness. PSALM 112: 4  “LIGHT DAWNS IN THE DARKNESS FOR THE UPRIGHT; HE IS GRACIOUS, MERCIFUL, AND RIGHTEOUS.” GOD’S light is guidance for us……’s a beacon of hope just like those lighthouses that guide … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS