Being a child of the KING requires us to be brave.  It’s a brave thing to ask the Creator of the universe to humble you to be more like JESUS.  WE ask for humbling, but then why do we reject what GOD shows us and hands to us so perfectly? In the humbling, GOD chips … More BRAVELY ASK HIM


Have you been humbled recently?  I know I have due to a health diagnosis.  Somehow we seem to think we still have control over the smallest of things and that is when GOD in HIS wisdom snatches those very things out of our hands, humbling us at the same time. IN HIS HUMBLING OF OUR … More PLAIN HUMBLED


There are times I tell myself I’m not measuring up………you know those thoughts.  They are the ones that tell us, we aren’t good enough.  We question whether we are a good parent, friend, neighbor or marriage partner. So why in the world do we taunt ourselves like this?  Because in this world of relentless pursuits … More NO CONDEMNATION


Just recently I read this quote by Ignatius……. “There are very few men who realize what GOD would make of them if they abandoned themselves into HIS hands and let themselves be formed by HIS grace.” My word for 2018 is: abundance.  I have been trying to understand how GOD gives us the abundant life we so … More ABANDON YOURSELF

MY WORD for 2016

WELL IT’S THAT TIME FRIENDS AND I WONDER THIS MORNING……..HAVE YOU CHOSEN YOUR WORD YET?  I began my word search with prayer, asking GOD to reveal to me the word I needed for this time in my life.  My word……. SURRENDER……. became evident to me a few weeks ago with hearing it over and over in sermons, … More MY WORD for 2016