I think at some point we are all faced with a nagging question as we sit and listen and ponder the message given to us at Church.  We all come to that point in our walks, the Spirit compels us to face it square on……..so now that we believe and confess with our mouths that … More WHAT SHALL WE DO?


These days my son carries around his Bible like it is a piece of gold.  He is immersed in the everlasting truth and understanding the value of GOD’S word:  priceless! Wherever you are right now in your faith walk I want you to ponder this……..are you living spiritual wealthy or like a pauper? Only the … More SPIRITUAL WEALTH


What we see and how we view GOD does determine how we live and how that living is a perseverance that leads to the Kingdom. Oh there is so much to “see” and view in our present times!  With the internet and social media we have a world to view daily.  How much time do … More IS YOUR EYE GOOD?


When we take Communion as a united Church Body, I remember all the times I have seen communion done with breaking actual bread just as CHRIST must have done with HIS disciples…… AND HE BROKE BREAD…….. As I look around the Church, I realize that everyone around me is broken……..and isn’t there this unspoken broken … More BE THE BREAD!