I have never been very good at keeping a journal.  I do love to buy a pretty one and I begin in it and many times there are pages left blank because I have started in another new journal.  I do have several notebooks that I have written in.  There are blog posts recorded there, … More SCRIBBLES TO GOD


Most of us tend to think of harmony when it comes to singing.  And who doesn’t love the voices of a choir or a group that sings in perfect harmony.  Just hearing those voices brings a smile to one’s face and the praise brings refreshing to the soul. A harmony should also be found among … More A BLESSED HARMONY


As 2021 begins, we all rethink again and take stock as to where we are in life.  After the year we just had, some want a fresh start, others set goals and many make resolutions. The problem with resolutions is that they don’t stick…….usually you have broken them by March.  Some people choose words to … More A NEW YOU


Sometimes we feel like we are up to our necks in an ocean of fear.  Fear of the coming uncertain times, fear of tomorrow, fear of the unknown and fear of even specific things. We have to remind ourselves and preach to ourselves daily the word of GOD.  Yes, over and over this past week … More REMIND YOURSELF