Have you ever thought of making deposits into your account held by GOD?  HE holds the very account of our lives and it HAS BEEN PAID IN FULL by the blood of JESUS.  This is what our precious SAVIOR has done for us on the Cross.  Our pastor has reminded us of this idea several … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS/GOD DEPOSITS


GOD’S divine hand is so indescribable isn’t it?  There are so many ways HE shows HIS hand and love to us…… should leave us speechless. A small way GOD touched me today was when I read in a devotional (that I opened to any page) a particular scripture that I had just committed to memory … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


An insight I had recently is that there is nothing like thinking your body has turned against you.  You ask GOD, how can this be, and HE answers “now, how are you going to live?” I won’t lie, it is frightening hearing the word cancer.  Doesn’t matter what kind, it still is cancer in your … More SPIRITUAL INSIGHTS


GOD WOKE YOU UP THIS MORNING……do you realize that?  Just ponder that thought this Sunday.  Our Sundays are a day of worship to the LORD.  But there are some people who did not wake today……some went to sleep the night before never to wake again. So……..HIS waking you is a blessing, not only to you … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS