CHARLES SPURGEON died in 1892.  Sixty thousand people attended his funeral.  He was and is known as the Prince of Preachers.  His many sermons and books are in print today and continue to inform and influence many generations of preachers.  His ministry is still impacting believers after all these years!  I purchased a Charles Spurgeon … More THREE SIMPLE THINGS


First I want to thank you for all the well wishes posted here for safe travels for us to Lake Havasu, AZ and Zion, Utah.  The views were breathtaking and soaking them in was good for both of our souls! So how is the state of your soul right now dear one?  Like me, you … More THE GREAT EXCHANGE


If only I had seen that coming!  How often have we said this?  Sometimes life changes on a dime and sometimes there are unforeseen tragedies, surprises and events.  Are we taken by surprise?  Of course we are! How often we wish we could see what is coming around the corner………but do we really want to … More LIMITED SIGHT


Honestly this is not a subject I wanted to write about……the calendar says it’s February and I always write about matters of the heart this month.  But the word persecution seems to be coming up in the headlines everywhere I look, so much so, that I cannot ignore it any longer. And neither should you…….I … More PERSECUTION IS COMING


Christmas is coming soon!  In this season of light the vibrant color of red seems to be everywhere.  The Bible uses the word scarlet……a brilliant red color.  I love the color red and even painted one of my kitchen bay windows red in a previous house.  Long ago I discovered to save some money on … More TIE A RED RIBBON