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I love the look of lace.  It just makes everything seem more dressed up and beautiful.  Who doesn’t love a wedding dress adorned with lace!  My wedding dress had hand- sown appliques of lace all along the train of the dress……I understood the amount of time put into making my wedding dress as most brides do.  And the final outcome was well, something beautiful!

But I wonder, is all the fancy religious lace of our words just there to make us sound beautiful?  Or do we say “I’ll pray for you” just to sound good and then we never do? And what about “GOD be with you”? Do we really mean it when say that to someone?  Our words don’t become true at all by embellishing them with religious lace.  We are just finding a way to make our speech about us due to our choice of words we use to impress others.  Instead of really being authentic, we sugar-coat the Gospel to make it sound better to others and in reality we are fooling ourselves into believing we are the genuine article. Over time our religious lace of words will eventually look like dirty rags and tattered lace to our HOLY GOD who sees and hears all things.  


DO our words really comfort or do we say them in such a way to avoid really helping or listening to someone who is hurting?  When will we stop and truly listen and love just like JESUS did?


What I love most about JESUS is that HE always took the time to listen and HE meant what HE said to others.  HE never sugar-coated the truth.  HE was straightforward and honest and had the time for every soul…..HE wasn’t in a hurry.  HIS burlap truth was wrapped up into one point……those who listened were never quite the same when they were touched by HIS truth and they were transformed for sure.  JESUS’ form of religion was as strong as burlap, never delicate like lace or woven to fit into current society.  Shouldn’t we embrace our faith being reinforced with the truth of CHRIST and HIS firm foundation, and live it out authentically? If we are being authentic and full of the Spirit, would our words and treatment of others change?


HAVE YOU EVER FELT INVISIBLE?  I have more times than I can count.  And this can happen anywhere including Church!  You have to wonder did anyone really “see” me?  Feeling invisible hurts and I have been in the midst of a conversation with someone to have them just leave me in mid-sentence!  It was like I wasn’t even there……they obviously were thinking of something else and just threw in a quick “I will pray for you” as they hurried away…….I had to wonder, did they even hear me? Can you imagine JESUS treating anyone with such a dismissive action?


Let’s be truthful here……the real burlap truth and pray for this: LORD LET OUR WORDS REFLECT WHO YOU ARE IN TRUTH AND LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER.  LET US BE PRESENT IN THE MOMENT AND TRULY LISTEN WITH WHOLE HEART, MIND and SOUL.  LET US BE MINDFUL OF THE FACT THAT WITH ETERNITY IN FRONT OF US WE DON’T NEED TO BE IN A HURRY!  If we say what we mean and mean what we say and take a little extra time for someone, isn’t that the better thing to do rather than a sugary-coated blessing as we hurry on?  RELIGIOUS LACE doesn’t make us more religious or more Holy. Only JESUS can do that for us.


I know GOD wants us to be truthful with HIM and to others…….let our words back up our actions!  If you are in a hurry, tell someone, but then make the effort to call them later……spend that time with them!  Find a way to make time and show you really care.  JESUS always did ……and HE always will!





  1. Good word, Max!!!! i’m ashamed to admit that i have in the past said I’ll be praying for you and then honestly forget. If we’ll ALL get real with ourselves and admit we’ve been guilty of this, then we can correct and do what we say we’ll do. I’ve found the best way to remember who needs pray is to write their names down. God knows far better than I what they need and what it will take to see their prayers answered. It took me several years to realize that I don’t have to have pretty words or even really know the reason why someone needs or asks me to pray. God sees all hearts and He hears every prayer…even when they’re offered as tears! And when I can’t remember names or needs, I ask God to hear the prayers of those that I have told would be in my prayers. LET US ALL BECOME BETTER PRAYER WARRIORS!!!!!! Amen?


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