If you are like me, there are times where doubt creeps into your life.  We as humans tend to be doubters.  We doubt that our money will not go far enough, that a needed check will never arrive on time and that a deadline will not be met.  We doubt and yes, we worry.  How … More WITHOUT A DOUBT


Sometimes I think the Holy Spirit gets forgotten when we speak of the Trinity…….the Trinity is the FATHER, the SON and the HOLY SPIRIT. When JESUS left this earth, HE did so, to leave with us a Helper and that is the HOLY SPIRIT. When the Spirit resides within us, we have that Holy Barometer, … More A HOLY BAROMETER


  Do people in your world demand much, but offer you little?  Do they require of you an undeserved favor?  How about undeserved grace? Last night I witnessed an undeserved grace at our HOA meeting.  There was a sweet man there that had received several notices of violations in the mail and then a fine.  … More AN UNDESERVED FAVOR


In another month the summer heat will be upon us here in Arizona.  I will admit my blood is thinning out so really anything above 110 starts to feel hot to me.  Someone asked me once what 120 feels like…….stick your head into an oven and that is it! My question right now is this……are … More FEELING THE HEAT