I have no words of the wonderful care I experienced through my walk with cancer.  Our people in the health care industry are truly gifted, some may not have a great bedside manner, but I believe most do. In the midst of all my care, I still was able to focus on, who I could … More COURAGE TO CARE


In a world full of troubles that are always there, be careful to not give your peace away.  The world tries to define us and remake us and we should resist this knowing who we are in the LORD! JOHN 14: 27  “PEACE I LEAVE YOU; MY PEACE I GIVE TO YOU.  NOT AS THE … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


If you think about it………isn’t it a wonderful thing that the Gospel truth has been passed on and preserved after all these years?  The purity and the holiness of the Gospel is unchanged.  And it never will change!  What a comfort for those who believe. GALATIANS 2: 5  “WE WANTED TO PRESERVE THE TRUTH OF … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


I learned something today……..that there is a before and after in all things.  For me, there was and is a before my cancer diagnosis and an after.  As I sat today in the waiting room for my 6th month mammogram and ultrasound I realized that I was sitting in the same chair I sat in … More BEFORE AND AFTER


KEEP LETTING GO………it’s an ok thing to do this, this daily letting go of the stuff of this world.  Letting go is a continuous action, a perseverance that GOD gives you because it is in our nature to hold tight to material things and the people around us.  But as scripture tells us, all is … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


Isn’t it a wonder that our GOD sees us?  We have a Sovereign GOD that sees ever last detail of our lives, all our days, nights, weeks and years.  HE sees all.  Do we see HIM seeing us? GENESIS 16: 13  “THEREAFTER, HAGAR USED ANOTHER NAME TO REFER TO THE LORD, WHO HAD SPOKEN TO … More THE GOD WHO SEES US


It is RESURRECTION Sunday and if you are a repeat here or brand new to this site…….HAPPY EASTER! Our hearts get broken sometimes in this world, but they are never as broken as CHRIST’S heart was for all HE saw around HIM.   And so to fulfill prophecy and to obey HIS FATHER, CHRIST’S only focus … More RESURRECTION SUNDAY


It’s funny how small things we see around us will remind us of our GOD.  HE is always there for us and remains faithful more than anyone and in these reminders HE draws us closer to HIM. I noticed the last couple of times I drove into our neighborhood a  car that had a license … More BE WORTHY


Because today is Palm Sunday……..let’s reflect on what CHRIST did for us on the way to the Cross.  HE remained faithful to the Father and faithful to the mission.   Are we faithful too in those things for CHRIST? YES, I will………I will follow you LORD JESUS all the days of my life.  Is your faith … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS