I love the library…….usually readers do!!  I have plenty to read at home right off my own shelf in my office, but I still love to go to the library and look to see if I am missing anything good.  Recently I had taken some books out and renewed one in particular. This particular book … More A DAY OF GRACE


ARE YOU A SEEKER? Do you search after or seek after something continuously?  I have come to believe that we all are seekers of something, whether it is money, or fame, or fortune.  We can seek after those things our minds tell us we need, or we can seek after the ONE who gave us … More ARE YOU A SEEKER?


WONDER…….the word itself actually means two very different things.  First to see the wonder in something with exciting amazed admiration; to see something that causes astonishment.  And a second meaning is to wonder about something. To wonder about something means to feel curiosity or doubt about a particular thing. The first meaning is most clear to me … More MY ONE WORD: WONDER