I have always felt and known the LORD to be going before me, leading me ultimately on HIS path.  But recently my eyes were opened to see that the LORD goes behind me as well……. PSALM 139: 5  “YOU HEM ME IN, BEHIND AND BEFORE, AND LAY YOUR HAND UPON ME.” Our gracious GOD leads … More BEFORE AND BEHIND


I am in a quandary as of late.  But it is a good kind to have!  I have had 3 nominations come to me from fellow bloggers all at about the same time.  These blogger awards that go around this community are plentiful.  What a wonderful thing when someone thinks of you and mentions you … More 3 AWARDS


A friend in my small group recently texted a devotion to us and as I read it, one sentence stood out to me and it was this: DON’T SETTLE FOR AN EASY FAITH. That sentence gave me pause and required me to ask myself: do I settle?  Do I choose the easy way out?  I … More DON’T SETTLE


Do you ever notice reflections of nature in water or in ponds or even your own reflection in a mirror?  In the dictionary, the word reflection has a few meanings, but the one I am after is this one: an image given back by a reflecting surface. A few years ago when we moved, I … More REFLECTIONS


It is interesting to me how the enemy works……he is crafty and resourceful.  Be careful when you are writing about him…..I almost completed this post today and just like that with hitting a button, boom, the whole post was erased in front of my eyes!  I know I didn’t hit the wrong button because I … More THE ENEMY WANTS THIS


It is interesting to me what you may find on the ground walking along some mornings.  You have to be in the right place at the right time I guess.  Recently I found a worn gold ring and it looked as if whatever was attached to it was taken off or torn off.  Maybe a … More A RING OF GOLD


A daily blank canvas can be a good thing.  If you think about it, a blank page or canvas allows GOD there…….HIS fingertips touch and guide and grow us into people more like HIS Son JESUS. GOD WRITES ON THE CANVAS OF OUR SOULS. GOD is the Master Writer and Artist!  We should humble ourselves … More A BLANK CANVAS


GOD’S Holy desire for us is to be merciful to one another and in so doing we must humble ourselves and consider others before we think of ourselves.  We need to be selfless and extend the hands of mercy all around us.  Another word we can use for mercy is lovingkindness.  I love that word!  … More EXTENDERS OF MERCY