One of our true callings besides glorifying GOD is to serve others.  There are many ways to do this, some easy and some hard.  Some require physical strength and others require a simple listening ear.  There are as many different ways to serve our fellow man as there are people.  But if we serve from … More SERVING FROM WEAKNESS


I am currently reading through the book of 1 Chronicles in the old testament.  I came upon the section talking about Aaron’s descendants and the settlements of the Levites.  The word pasturelands was used over and over when speaking about the Levites receiving towns and pasturelands.  WE ALL LONG FOR PASTURELANDS. Why is that?  I … More PASTURELANDS


If you are like me your home is your sweet shelter from the world.  It is a safe place, a sanctuary from the chaos and danger that swirls around us. But there is another place that is safer than anywhere else.  This scripture tells it all for those of us looking for peace and safety … More SAFELY SHELTERED


I have never been very good at keeping a journal.  I do love to buy a pretty one and I begin in it and many times there are pages left blank because I have started in another new journal.  I do have several notebooks that I have written in.  There are blog posts recorded there, … More SCRIBBLES TO GOD


CHARLES SPURGEON died in 1892.  Sixty thousand people attended his funeral.  He was and is known as the Prince of Preachers.  His many sermons and books are in print today and continue to inform and influence many generations of preachers.  His ministry is still impacting believers after all these years!  I purchased a Charles Spurgeon … More THREE SIMPLE THINGS


Most of us tend to think of harmony when it comes to singing.  And who doesn’t love the voices of a choir or a group that sings in perfect harmony.  Just hearing those voices brings a smile to one’s face and the praise brings refreshing to the soul. A harmony should also be found among … More A BLESSED HARMONY


There is a story of a man named Simeon in Luke 2: 25-35.  It begins like this: “THERE WAS A MAN IN JERUSALEM WHOSE NAME WAS SIMEON.  THIS MAN WAS RIGHTEOUS AND DEVOUT, LOOKING FORWARD TO ISRAEL’S CONSOLATION AND THE HOLY SPIRIT WAS ON HIM.” The Holy Spirit revealed to him that he would not … More BE A SIMEON