There was a foreshadowing…… all of Old Testament scripture there was a preparing, an anticipation of a glorious king.  And first there was King David and later came King JESUS. GLORY TO THE NEWBORN KING! There are small towns everywhere right now all aglow……..waiting.  MICAH 1: 3  “FOR BEHOLD, THE LORD IS COMING OUT OF … More THE BETHLEHEM KING


When night comes…….what do you see?  I see light all around and this Christmas, lights are everywhere.  We hang them on our tree and houses.  We light candles that are all aglow.  In the darkness the light comes. IN THE DARK OF NIGHT BABY JESUS CAME. And with light all around us we search for … More WHEN NIGHT COMES


As I was walking through the park I live near, a lady was coming towards me with a stroller, a dog and her little girl who was joyfully jumping in the puddles that were left from the sprinklers.   She was jumping with such laser focus that she almost jumped into me on the sidewalk.  But … More THANKFUL FOR PUDDLES


We all have special days in our lives, like birthdays and anniversaries.  These days are lovingly placed upon our busy calendars and looked forward to with hope and joy.  There are other days that matter too: first days of a new job, first day in a new year of school, first day of chemo, last … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS