It is interesting to me that one of my final posts would fall on Christmas Day!  It is just a wonderful reminder how GOD’S love has been so abundant for me this past year.  And because the LORD is abundant in HIS mercies and grace then we are able to: Have as much of GOD as … More MERRY CHRISTMAS!


I dropped my stack of books and Bible off my lap onto the floor trying to process what my friend was telling me…….someone we held dear to us had taken her life.  But this time of year?  Yes, she did. My feeling of shock and unbelief is very evident to me because I just cannot … More A NEED OF HIS PEACE


We are in a season together of waiting and expecting.  It is a season of glorious wonder and adoration.  Long ago, they were waiting too…….waiting for their KING. My heart is so full this particular Christmas season.  I chose the word: abundant last year and if JESUS has taught me anything, HE has shown me … More LET’S WAIT TOGETHER


If you ponder it……..pride, self-centered thinking and even unbelief will keep us from turning and trusting the ONE who has long ago turned towards Creation with HIS loving open arms. The word turn is really a small four letter word with much impact when used in a sentence!  We can turn from something or towards something.  We can turn the other … More JUST TURN


One of the real differences between believing and having faith and living it out is the dying to self. THE REAL DIFFERENCE IS IN THE DYING. We need to die to our self and things and put on a new self…….we are new beings in CHRIST with new hearts. Dying to self means the old … More THE REAL DIFFERENCE


We who are the brothers and sisters in CHRIST are slowly, but surely being blended together and shaken out into a beautiful Holy household of JESUS CHRIST.  Did you know? I feel this unity more than ever, when I am surrounded by the body of CHRIST and we all with hands raised, are worshiping with … More A HOLY HOUSEHOLD