What we see and how we view GOD does determine how we live and how that living is a perseverance that leads to the Kingdom. Oh there is so much to “see” and view in our present times!  With the internet and social media we have a world to view daily.  How much time do … More IS YOUR EYE GOOD?


When we take Communion as a united Church Body, I remember all the times I have seen communion done with breaking actual bread just as CHRIST must have done with HIS disciples…… AND HE BROKE BREAD…….. As I look around the Church, I realize that everyone around me is broken……..and isn’t there this unspoken broken … More BE THE BREAD!


  I look at my hand-held cross and I want to remember.  It’s a reminder and my eyes will look there continuously throughout the day.  As I look at the Cross I ask myself:  do I live a Cross-shaped life?  Is my life reflective of JESUS?  It’s not what I do, it’s what I believe … More A CROSS SHAPED LIFE


There are times I tell myself I’m not measuring up………you know those thoughts.  They are the ones that tell us, we aren’t good enough.  We question whether we are a good parent, friend, neighbor or marriage partner. So why in the world do we taunt ourselves like this?  Because in this world of relentless pursuits … More NO CONDEMNATION


She sits across from me with a brave face……..I call her brave because she has chosen to follow GOD’S word and wisdom in such a world as this. I see myself in her, because I struggle too and tomorrow is another day with unknowns coming. And we both agree that morning, that thank GOD, the … More BEING BRAVE TOGETHER


If you think on it, someone, somewhere made a sacrifice for you to be where you are in life today.  Your parents or a relative or teacher or even a close friend somewhere, or sometime made a sacrifice for you.  Have you thanked them?  This sacrifice may have been big or small, but however it … More IT’S ALL SACRIFICE