Now that Resurrection Day has come, let us live it each day and remember, because JESUS’ dying for us is relevant every single moment.  Let’s remind ourselves why HE died for us!  And because of HIS sacrifice, HE welcomes us every day back to the foot of the CROSS.  HE welcomes us there.  Even there … More A WELCOMING SAVIOR


If you ponder this, after JESUS was crucified there was a delay of one day before HE rose to glory. LUKE 18: 33  “AND AFTER FLOGGING HIM THEY WILL KILL HIM, AND ON THE THIRD DAY HE WILL RISE.” Have you ever wondered why the delay?  Why didn’t JESUS rise up the very next day?  … More THERE WAS A DELAY


Our souls should ache vertical for the coming of the Messiah…… MICAH 7: 7  “AS FOR ME, I WILL WATCH EXPECTANTLY FOR THE LORD.” In these current days and the ones ahead of us, let’s stay awake to the wonder of our GOD, looking for HIM……..and why? BECAUSE JESUS SAID HE WOULD RETURN. MARK 13: … More WATCH AND WORSHIP


Our Savior pursues us first.  Did you know?  HE seeks those of HIS elect….. MARK 13: 27  “AND HE WILL SEND HIS ANGELS AND GATHER HIS ELECT FROM THE FOUR WINDS, FROM THE ENDS OF THE EARTH TO THE END OF THE HEAVENS.” HIS prevenient grace comes to us before we even realize, even before … More CALLED AND INVITED


Many of us belong to one group or another.  We belong to our families, or clubs, organizations, Churches and political parties.  When we accepted JESUS into our hearts and made a point to follow after HIM, we joined a very large worldwide family, exclusive in the fact that all are sinners, all are welcome and … More YOU ABSOLUTELY BELONG!


Let’s really look at people’s behavior today.  Are we shocked?  We should be!  Everyday I read something about someone who did something so shocking to a complete stranger that I cannot wrap my head around it.  Our society’s decency is deteriorating day by day.  But why? WHAT WE BELIEVE INFLUENCES OUR BEHAVIOR. And slowly but … More BELIEF AND BEHAVIOR