JESUS was a man of few words……. our SAVIOR spoke every single word with great meaning and context.  Those listening to HIM realized there was a great lesson in all HE said.  Imagine the crowds listening to HIS Sermon on the Mount and being completely…….amazed and awe struck! Shouldn’t our words be few too?  If … More USING WORDS ONLY WHEN NECESSARY


GOD’S Holy desire for us is to be merciful to one another and in so doing we must humble ourselves and consider others before we think of ourselves.  We need to be selfless and extend the hands of mercy all around us.  Another word we can use for mercy is lovingkindness.  I love that word!  … More EXTENDERS OF MERCY


What is the condition of your faith right now……..right in this very moment? I have to ask because I wonder myself if my faith is strong, sure and steadfast.  Does your faith waver at the first bump in the road?  And who do you go to when the tough times arise?  Do you call on … More SPIRITUAL GRIT