The only true way to know the current state of our souls is to get alone with GOD and ask HIM.  Taking the time, whatever that looks like for you, is important to the health of your soul.  If we don’t seriously take these precious times to heart, it will lead to this…… UNLESS WE … More SOUL MINDFULNESS


Recently my neighborhood walk took me to a particular street and as I rounded the corner and looked at the cars parked in a driveway, one car’s back windshield said in big bold letters:  LIONS NOT SHEEP. These three words can be taken a number of different ways, but I was struck by the inference … More LIONS NOT SHEEP


Are you a mountain person or a beach person?  Both have their amazing beauty, both made by the hand of GOD.  I am drawn continuously to the work of HIS hands……are you?  Gazing upon the ocean or looking up at a summit peak makes one realize that there is SOMEONE larger than ourselves.  All of … More OUR HIGHEST AUTHORITY


If only I had seen that coming!  How often have we said this?  Sometimes life changes on a dime and sometimes there are unforeseen tragedies, surprises and events.  Are we taken by surprise?  Of course we are! How often we wish we could see what is coming around the corner………but do we really want to … More LIMITED SIGHT


Many of us at one time or another have been on a walking path and realized that there was no shortcut to where we thought we were going.  Only the long way around would take us there.  We tend to love shortcuts if they require less time and effort to accomplish a goal.  But there … More NO SHORTCUTS


  Don’t we as humans hold on tight to what we don’t want to lose?  I see people today holding so tight to everything and who can blame them when our society is going sideways!  Chaos creates fear and fear causes people to hold on tight to those they love and things they love.  The … More LOOSEN YOUR GRIP


If you look at these past 12 months differently like I do, you may see that all the lock downs and restrictions have made our lives simple.  We don’t eat out like we used to and I really don’t even shop anymore.  I zoom more and call more than I ever did.  I read more … More SIMPLE FAITH