Here we are with a few more days before Christmas and pure white is covering rooftops somewhere.  And so HIS message echos on the highways and byways of our lives today.  Wherever we go, the light of CHRIST within should shine upon those around us.  HIS message is pure.  HIS message is Holy.  Because we … More HIS ECHO OF A MESSAGE


If you ponder the thought…….only ONE divine night happened to change the world. JESUS was born to dwell among us…….GOD with us……IMMANUEL.  And on one DIVINE night touched by GOD, HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON was born to us……..GLORY to GOD in the HIGHEST! JOHN 1: 14  “AND THE WORD BECAME FLESH AND DWELT AMONG US, … More ONE DIVINE NIGHT


OH THAT JESUS IS THE PERFECT GIFT THIS CHRISTMAS!  You can’t buy HIM like we try to buy a perfect gift for someone.  No, HE IS THE GIFT!  You cannot create Christmas…….because Christmas has already come in JESUS, born of a virgin and laid in a Manger long ago. And when you realize you haven’t … More GLAD TIDINGS!


So think for a moment……..what in this entire big world that spins in the universe causes you to pause…..in awe and wonder? Each December I attempt to take a fresh look at the Christmas Story written in the Gospels to see if GOD shows me a new perspective.  I desire to keep looking at HIS … More RAVISHED and IN AWE!