Being a child of the KING requires us to be brave.  It’s a brave thing to ask the Creator of the universe to humble you to be more like JESUS.  WE ask for humbling, but then why do we reject what GOD shows us and hands to us so perfectly? In the humbling, GOD chips … More BRAVELY ASK HIM


Have you been humbled recently?  I know I have due to a health diagnosis.  Somehow we seem to think we still have control over the smallest of things and that is when GOD in HIS wisdom snatches those very things out of our hands, humbling us at the same time. IN HIS HUMBLING OF OUR … More PLAIN HUMBLED


I think it is interesting who remembers you and who doesn’t.  What is important to us very often is unimportant to someone else.  We might have a big day with a special event and those people you thought you would hear from forgot to remember you.  Honestly, what is important to us often doesn’t mean … More YOU ARE REMEMBERED!


  Come to HIM in awe, and in reverence.  Come and adore…….come and worship in heart and spirit. Come before HIM.  Bow your sweet head and allow yourself to submit to all that HE is…….. THE GOD OF GLORY, THE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE. HE is the LORD of all creation…….can you hear HIS gentle … More A SACRED SPACE


Tomorrow we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with loved ones and family.  How are you spending your day?  I have always had special memories of the Thanksgiving table because when I was a little girl we had old friends and new around our table due to my Mom and Dad’s invitations to others.  Since I was … More GRATEFUL FOR GRACE