And so Christmas has come!  Yes, JESUS, the Babe in the Manger has arrived.  Gifts were opened and families have met together.  Love for neighbors was shown. AND JESUS KEEPS COMING FOR US! HE keeps coming because HE wants to come into our hearts. JESUS TAKES HOLD OF YOUR HEART AND MINE. And when HE … More HE TAKES HOLD OF US!


I have never been very good at keeping a journal.  I do love to buy a pretty one and I begin in it and many times there are pages left blank because I have started in another new journal.  I do have several notebooks that I have written in.  There are blog posts recorded there, … More SCRIBBLES TO GOD


GOD in HIS own way has pursued each of us……..HE found us and opened our eyes and hearts and changed us.  HE changed us to be HIS…….HIS beloved, a Royal Priesthood and Ambassadors for HIM on this earth.  WE ARE FOUND BY GOD! YES, HE has pursued us, not the other way around, because our … More FOUND AND GROUNDED


Do you ever notice reflections of nature in water or in ponds or even your own reflection in a mirror?  In the dictionary, the word reflection has a few meanings, but the one I am after is this one: an image given back by a reflecting surface. A few years ago when we moved, I … More REFLECTIONS


A friend once advised me to: let it rest…….just let it be.  When we are going through troubling circumstances, oh how our minds run away with the problem!  Our thoughts consume us, turning over and over in our minds until we are exhausted mentally and sometimes physically. I like to call this: mind-labor.  We labor … More LET IT REST