And so Christmas has come!  Yes, JESUS, the Babe in the Manger has arrived.  Gifts were opened and families have met together.  Love for neighbors was shown. AND JESUS KEEPS COMING FOR US! HE keeps coming because HE wants to come into our hearts. JESUS TAKES HOLD OF YOUR HEART AND MINE. And when HE … More HE TAKES HOLD OF US!


I was blessed back in the 70’s to be able to stand and view Niagara Falls.  There is the American side and the Canadian side……both beautiful in their own right, both powerful and refreshing to look at.  Standing close, I felt the fine mist washing over me and like those around me, I was in … More BE REFRESHED


I am currently reading through the book of 1 Chronicles in the old testament.  I came upon the section talking about Aaron’s descendants and the settlements of the Levites.  The word pasturelands was used over and over when speaking about the Levites receiving towns and pasturelands.  WE ALL LONG FOR PASTURELANDS. Why is that?  I … More PASTURELANDS


CHARLES SPURGEON died in 1892.  Sixty thousand people attended his funeral.  He was and is known as the Prince of Preachers.  His many sermons and books are in print today and continue to inform and influence many generations of preachers.  His ministry is still impacting believers after all these years!  I purchased a Charles Spurgeon … More THREE SIMPLE THINGS


MAY THE LORD EMPOWER US DAILY WITH HIS HOLY SPIRIT! Oh how we need this now more than ever!  Our world is in turmoil and all our institutions are on shaky ground.  GOD is our only strength in the midst of all we experience around us. PSALM 43: 3  “SEND YOUR LIGHT AND YOUR TRUTH; … More EMPOWER US!