Who doesn’t love to read or watch a good mystery.  I am currently watching a murder mystery series and it’s a how it was done and how could the murderer be in two places at the exact same time and commit a murder and have an alibi?   It’s a mystery that I hope will … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


I recently committed to memory JOSHUA 1: 9………. “HAVE I NOT COMMANDED YOU?  BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS.  DO NOT BE FRIGHTENED OR DISMAYED, FOR THE LORD YOUR GOD IS WITH YOU WHEREVER YOU GO.” I was so touched by this verse because of the “don’t be frightened or dismayed” phrase.  A diagnosis of breast cancer … More DIVINE HEARTPRINTS


GOD’S divine hand is so indescribable isn’t it?  There are so many ways HE shows HIS hand and love to us…… should leave us speechless. A small way GOD touched me today was when I read in a devotional (that I opened to any page) a particular scripture that I had just committed to memory … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


An insight I had recently is that there is nothing like thinking your body has turned against you.  You ask GOD, how can this be, and HE answers “now, how are you going to live?” I won’t lie, it is frightening hearing the word cancer.  Doesn’t matter what kind, it still is cancer in your … More SPIRITUAL INSIGHTS


Oh death where is your sting?  Whenever a day is over as much as I am thankful at the beginning of the day, I am sad when viewing a sunset thinking that some people have died that day too.  We as a society don’t think of death often enough.  We think we will live forever … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


There are signposts in life that tell us exactly where to go, like trying to find a highway to get us to our destination.  Signs in general are a big part of our lives.  Recently I visited CO and was so thankful for all the clear signs that got me through Denver International Airport.  It … More SIGNPOSTS


I recently read this on a TV monitor in a doctor’s office……. LIVE WELL ON YOUR JOURNEY. It struck me as if GOD were speaking to me…….that a health diagnosis is not necessarily the end of your life, but something GOD will take you through.  And I am to live it well.  So what does … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS