If you ponder this, after JESUS was crucified there was a delay of one day before HE rose to glory. LUKE 18: 33  “AND AFTER FLOGGING HIM THEY WILL KILL HIM, AND ON THE THIRD DAY HE WILL RISE.” Have you ever wondered why the delay?  Why didn’t JESUS rise up the very next day?  … More THERE WAS A DELAY


Let’s take a small glory trip together shall we?  In so many ways we honor and glorify GOD, but HE doesn’t need our praise at all because HE IS GLORY!  GOD HIMSELF says that HE is glory…… ZECHARIAH 2: 5  “FOR I, SAYS THE LORD, WILL BE A WALL OF FIRE ALL AROUND HER, AND … More GOD IS GLORIOUS!


A daily blank canvas can be a good thing.  If you think about it, a blank page or canvas allows GOD there…….HIS fingertips touch and guide and grow us into people more like HIS Son JESUS. GOD WRITES ON THE CANVAS OF OUR SOULS. GOD is the Master Writer and Artist!  We should humble ourselves … More A BLANK CANVAS