Recently a friend and I had a fun outing to some thrift stores.  My car has a good GPS tracker so we put in the address of where we needed to go.  When we arrived at our destination, we laughed realizing that we were right by a mall we are familiar with, but the GPS … More THE BEST GPS


I am currently reading through the book of 1 Chronicles in the old testament.  I came upon the section talking about Aaron’s descendants and the settlements of the Levites.  The word pasturelands was used over and over when speaking about the Levites receiving towns and pasturelands.  WE ALL LONG FOR PASTURELANDS. Why is that?  I … More PASTURELANDS


Who is looking at you following JESUS?  Even if it is just one person, you are making an impact in your sphere of influence.  Sometimes we don’t just tell people, but we lead or point people to the LORD by our own actions.  You see, you never know who is watching you closely.  You never know who is watching how you follow … More EVEN JUST ONE