I recently committed to memory JOSHUA 1: 9………. “HAVE I NOT COMMANDED YOU?  BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS.  DO NOT BE FRIGHTENED OR DISMAYED, FOR THE LORD YOUR GOD IS WITH YOU WHEREVER YOU GO.” I was so touched by this verse because of the “don’t be frightened or dismayed” phrase.  A diagnosis of breast cancer … More DIVINE HEARTPRINTS


Many of us have gone to school for years.  Some people go to receive that prestigious degree, others graduate and move into jobs and the classroom is a distant memory.  All of humanity exists in the schoolroom of life.  And there are those who recognize that we are in GOD’S schoolroom from the time we … More GOD’S SCHOOLROOM


Standing before a huge mass of rock or mountain gives you the realization that what is before you is immovable.  I lived in Colorado over 30 years and know those Rocky Mountains will never move. As we mature, our faith should become immovable, and steadfast with the ability to weather whatever comes our way.  Difficult … More STEADFAST AND IMMOVABLE


Our lives are so incredibly different than they were a few weeks ago.  I am sure you will agree with me that what is happening inside our country is surreal.  We can either decide to be panicked by all of it, or we can find the peace of soul that we need from our GOD … More SHARE HIS PEACE