There are times I tell myself I’m not measuring up………you know those thoughts.  They are the ones that tell us, we aren’t good enough.  We question whether we are a good parent, friend, neighbor or marriage partner. So why in the world do we taunt ourselves like this?  Because in this world of relentless pursuits … More NO CONDEMNATION


If I am not thanking GOD for all things that come my way, isn’t this a form of selective faith? Think on this: why do we remember to thank GOD always for the good blessings that come our way, but we can’t seem to see the bad stuff in the same way?  We tend to … More SELECTIVE FAITH


DO YOU EVER WRESTLE WITH GOD?  You know the kind…….where you are on your knees, down and dirty in the trenches asking HIM all sorts of things, tears flowing, body shaking?  Do you throw your hands up in frustration saying ” it’s not fair” or “LORD, I just don’t get it!” We cannot deny those feelings … More WRESTLE WELL


I love any kind of study that brings me to the point of questioning myself, where I am in my faith walk and why.  In the current Bible study I am doing, it was highlighted that not only is GOD the GOD of commands, but HE is also the GOD of questions.  Did you ever … More QUESTIONS???