My female little puppy was recently spade.  That first night with her, I spent on the couch, but only got a couple hours of sleep.  I was physically weary the next morning.  I felt like I had a hard time functioning until I picked up GOD’S word…… ISAIAH 50: 4  “HE AWAKENS ME MORNING BY … More A WORD TO THE WEARY


If you are like me your home is your sweet shelter from the world.  It is a safe place, a sanctuary from the chaos and danger that swirls around us. But there is another place that is safer than anywhere else.  This scripture tells it all for those of us looking for peace and safety … More SAFELY SHELTERED


Someone once said that the greatest gift we could receive is our loss of comfort and security.  Really?  Don’t we all want those things more than anything?  Don’t we seek comfort and security every day? Many have suffered loss during this pandemic season of 2020.   Loss of any kind makes us turn inward to examine … More THE GIFT OF LOSS


SOMEONE ONCE SAID THIS: JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE CARRIES IT WELL DOES NOT MEAN IT ISN’T HEAVY. And the “it”, well, that can mean anything…….life, a diagnosis, a death, a divorce, a marriage gone wrong, a child, a job loss, a debt, a longing in the soul. We all go through stuff, some more than others.  … More CARRY THINGS WELL


What do you do when the war comes to you?  We are in a daily battle, a battle for souls and the enemy would like nothing better than to take ours too.  We must daily, put on the armor of GOD and remember this…… EPHESIANS 6: 16 “IN EVERY SITUATION TAKE UP THE SHIELD OF … More BATTLE SCARS


If we really turn towards GOD we will see the extraordinary……..did you know?  This Christmas you will see lights and presents under the tree, but the best thing you can do is to turn away from all the commercial and turn towards the Manger. That night long ago was no ordinary night and the shepherds … More TURN, TURN, TURN