Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked bread!  It is so very simple, yet it so entices the senses.  Anyone will take a piece of freshly baked bread coming from the oven, all warm and soft.  There is so much you can do with bread too.  Sandwiches, dipping pieces and the list can go … More BREAD FROM HIS HAND


Being a child of the KING requires us to be brave.  It’s a brave thing to ask the Creator of the universe to humble you to be more like JESUS.  WE ask for humbling, but then why do we reject what GOD shows us and hands to us so perfectly? In the humbling, GOD chips … More BRAVELY ASK HIM


I have realized this with cancer:  you are either a fighter or a survivor.  You are either in a battle to hear “cancer free” or you have heard those words already, but live every day with the thought and knowledge that the cancer might return.  One of my dearest friends who I adore……..has been cancer … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


GOD WOKE YOU UP THIS MORNING……do you realize that?  Just ponder that thought this Sunday.  Our Sundays are a day of worship to the LORD.  But there are some people who did not wake today……some went to sleep the night before never to wake again. So……..HIS waking you is a blessing, not only to you … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


Most of us tend to think of harmony when it comes to singing.  And who doesn’t love the voices of a choir or a group that sings in perfect harmony.  Just hearing those voices brings a smile to one’s face and the praise brings refreshing to the soul. A harmony should also be found among … More A BLESSED HARMONY