Who doesn’t love to read or watch a good mystery.  I am currently watching a murder mystery series and it’s a how it was done and how could the murderer be in two places at the exact same time and commit a murder and have an alibi?   It’s a mystery that I hope will … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


There are signposts in life that tell us exactly where to go, like trying to find a highway to get us to our destination.  Signs in general are a big part of our lives.  Recently I visited CO and was so thankful for all the clear signs that got me through Denver International Airport.  It … More SIGNPOSTS


We can be tossed by the sea of life and we can be thrown into all the chaos around us, but dear Christian we must do this today…….. DRIVE YOUR SPIRITUAL STAKE IN THE GROUND NOW Take a spiritual stand for the GOSPEL now before it is too late.  Because our spiritual security is only … More A SPIRITUAL STAKE


Recently a friend and I had a fun outing to some thrift stores.  My car has a good GPS tracker so we put in the address of where we needed to go.  When we arrived at our destination, we laughed realizing that we were right by a mall we are familiar with, but the GPS … More THE BEST GPS


I thought this was a great picture…….these girls look captivated by something they are seeing on their phones.  And yes this technology seems to have captivated all of us.  Who do you know that doesn’t have a cell phone?  Anyone? And so it goes, the world is captivated by the phone and all it offers, … More CAPTIVATED


Are you a mountain person or a beach person?  Both have their amazing beauty, both made by the hand of GOD.  I am drawn continuously to the work of HIS hands……are you?  Gazing upon the ocean or looking up at a summit peak makes one realize that there is SOMEONE larger than ourselves.  All of … More OUR HIGHEST AUTHORITY


GOD in HIS own way has pursued each of us……..HE found us and opened our eyes and hearts and changed us.  HE changed us to be HIS…….HIS beloved, a Royal Priesthood and Ambassadors for HIM on this earth.  WE ARE FOUND BY GOD! YES, HE has pursued us, not the other way around, because our … More FOUND AND GROUNDED


These days my son carries around his Bible like it is a piece of gold.  He is immersed in the everlasting truth and understanding the value of GOD’S word:  priceless! Wherever you are right now in your faith walk I want you to ponder this……..are you living spiritual wealthy or like a pauper? Only the … More SPIRITUAL WEALTH


In the morning when I rise, one of the first things I reach for are my glasses…….putting them on brings everything into focus.  Coffee comes next and then reading of scripture.  Let us tune all of our senses to the LORD, but first and foremost, let us turn our eyes. When the eyes are opened, … More SCRIPTURE GLASSES