Have you ever thought of making deposits into your account held by GOD?  HE holds the very account of our lives and it HAS BEEN PAID IN FULL by the blood of JESUS.  This is what our precious SAVIOR has done for us on the Cross.  Our pastor has reminded us of this idea several … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS/GOD DEPOSITS


There was a foreshadowing…… all of Old Testament scripture there was a preparing, an anticipation of a glorious king.  And first there was King David and later came King JESUS. GLORY TO THE NEWBORN KING! There are small towns everywhere right now all aglow……..waiting.  MICAH 1: 3  “FOR BEHOLD, THE LORD IS COMING OUT OF … More THE BETHLEHEM KING


In this sin soaked world satan would have you believe that all your hopes and dreams are dashed.  This world can push against you so much that you feel very small.  But our faith, our believing can be bigger than the oceans.  WITH GOD THERE IS ALWAYS A BIGGER HOPE Obstacles and problems can seem … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS