An insight I had recently is that there is nothing like thinking your body has turned against you.  You ask GOD, how can this be, and HE answers “now, how are you going to live?” I won’t lie, it is frightening hearing the word cancer.  Doesn’t matter what kind, it still is cancer in your … More SPIRITUAL INSIGHTS


There are signposts in life that tell us exactly where to go, like trying to find a highway to get us to our destination.  Signs in general are a big part of our lives.  Recently I visited CO and was so thankful for all the clear signs that got me through Denver International Airport.  It … More SIGNPOSTS


I recently spent 8 days back in Colorado and was able to reflect on the beauty of those majestic mountains.  My soul was filled as my mind and heart reflected.  After I arrived home my son and I were chatting and he came up with this idea of Sunday Reflections.  My son then gets all … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


Our souls should ache vertical for the coming of the Messiah…… MICAH 7: 7  “AS FOR ME, I WILL WATCH EXPECTANTLY FOR THE LORD.” In these current days and the ones ahead of us, let’s stay awake to the wonder of our GOD, looking for HIM……..and why? BECAUSE JESUS SAID HE WOULD RETURN. MARK 13: … More WATCH AND WORSHIP


We all grow weary at times…….but we must not waver!  Yes, due to life and it’s commitments, we drift from GOD and then we waver.  We question HIS goodness for us and HIS promises.  The world does bring you to your knees and right now in this present time more than ever! It takes strength … More DON’T WAVER


There is a story of a man named Simeon in Luke 2: 25-35.  It begins like this: “THERE WAS A MAN IN JERUSALEM WHOSE NAME WAS SIMEON.  THIS MAN WAS RIGHTEOUS AND DEVOUT, LOOKING FORWARD TO ISRAEL’S CONSOLATION AND THE HOLY SPIRIT WAS ON HIM.” The Holy Spirit revealed to him that he would not … More BE A SIMEON