GOD’S divine hand is so indescribable isn’t it?  There are so many ways HE shows HIS hand and love to us…… should leave us speechless. A small way GOD touched me today was when I read in a devotional (that I opened to any page) a particular scripture that I had just committed to memory … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


Have you been humbled recently?  I know I have due to a health diagnosis.  Somehow we seem to think we still have control over the smallest of things and that is when GOD in HIS wisdom snatches those very things out of our hands, humbling us at the same time. IN HIS HUMBLING OF OUR … More PLAIN HUMBLED


I recently spent 8 days back in Colorado and was able to reflect on the beauty of those majestic mountains.  My soul was filled as my mind and heart reflected.  After I arrived home my son and I were chatting and he came up with this idea of Sunday Reflections.  My son then gets all … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


If you ponder this, after JESUS was crucified there was a delay of one day before HE rose to glory. LUKE 18: 33  “AND AFTER FLOGGING HIM THEY WILL KILL HIM, AND ON THE THIRD DAY HE WILL RISE.” Have you ever wondered why the delay?  Why didn’t JESUS rise up the very next day?  … More THERE WAS A DELAY


Our souls should ache vertical for the coming of the Messiah…… MICAH 7: 7  “AS FOR ME, I WILL WATCH EXPECTANTLY FOR THE LORD.” In these current days and the ones ahead of us, let’s stay awake to the wonder of our GOD, looking for HIM……..and why? BECAUSE JESUS SAID HE WOULD RETURN. MARK 13: … More WATCH AND WORSHIP


As 2021 begins, we all rethink again and take stock as to where we are in life.  After the year we just had, some want a fresh start, others set goals and many make resolutions. The problem with resolutions is that they don’t stick…….usually you have broken them by March.  Some people choose words to … More A NEW YOU


So think for a moment……..what in this entire big world that spins in the universe causes you to pause… awe and wonder? Each December I attempt to take a fresh look at the Christmas Story written in the Gospels to see if GOD shows me a new perspective.  I desire to keep looking at HIS … More RAVISHED and IN AWE!


Isn’t it just like our GOD to give us something to…….behold.  HE sends us sunrises and sunsets every day.  How often we take them for granted! But truly there is only ONE to whom we should behold and that is our JESUS, our GOD, our protector and our redeemer. WHAT YOU BEHOLD IS WHAT YOU … More BEHOLD


We all wait on someone or something.  This Christmas all of us were waiting for the 25th to come.  Kids were waiting for Santa and parents were waiting for time off from work.  We all wait for a New Year with new possibilities. And so Immanuel has come……..GOD WITH US.  I made a conscious choice … More LET US WAIT ON HIM