I must admit there are days where my confidence in anything seems to be short lived.  Situations in our lives don’t always go as planned.  Because of all we need to accomplish in 24 hours we have to plan some, but oh how those plans can go sideways.   When that hits me I tend to … More HUMBLE CONFIDENCE


If you think about it………isn’t it a wonderful thing that the Gospel truth has been passed on and preserved after all these years?  The purity and the holiness of the Gospel is unchanged.  And it never will change!  What a comfort for those who believe. GALATIANS 2: 5  “WE WANTED TO PRESERVE THE TRUTH OF … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


KEEP LETTING GO………it’s an ok thing to do this, this daily letting go of the stuff of this world.  Letting go is a continuous action, a perseverance that GOD gives you because it is in our nature to hold tight to material things and the people around us.  But as scripture tells us, all is … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


Isn’t it a wonder that our GOD sees us?  We have a Sovereign GOD that sees ever last detail of our lives, all our days, nights, weeks and years.  HE sees all.  Do we see HIM seeing us? GENESIS 16: 13  “THEREAFTER, HAGAR USED ANOTHER NAME TO REFER TO THE LORD, WHO HAD SPOKEN TO … More THE GOD WHO SEES US


Because we are human, different from one another with all our faults, success and failures, GOD communicates with each of us in a unique way.   HE has HIS very own way with you and HIS way with me.  HE reminds us every day of who HE is.  We need only pay attention to HIS unique … More A TANGIBLE REMINDER


Yesterday I had my last radiation treatment…….and I got to ring the bell.  I know deep down that GOD saw me through something quite difficult.  I have read that people have their family and friends attend, but I didn’t have that.  It was just me and the people who treated me.  It was an emotional … More A NEW LIFE


Do you have a desire to grow your faith?  In so doing, it does require of us to ask hard questions.  When you draw closer to GOD, you want to know and understand the heart of JESUS.  To know HIM is to love HIM more.  And to understand the GOD who walked the earth is … More ASK HARD QUESTIONS


Sooner rather than later, all of us who profess to believe are taken through a series of hard things where JESUS says to us in HIS amazing way: so where is your faith now? MARK 9: 24  “I BELIEVE; HELP MY UNBELIEF.” In the book of Mark, the man whose son had convulsions since childhood, … More HELP OUR UNBELIEF


I have realized this with cancer:  you are either a fighter or a survivor.  You are either in a battle to hear “cancer free” or you have heard those words already, but live every day with the thought and knowledge that the cancer might return.  One of my dearest friends who I adore……..has been cancer … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


Oh death where is your sting?  Whenever a day is over as much as I am thankful at the beginning of the day, I am sad when viewing a sunset thinking that some people have died that day too.  We as a society don’t think of death often enough.  We think we will live forever … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS