Oh death where is your sting?  Whenever a day is over as much as I am thankful at the beginning of the day, I am sad when viewing a sunset thinking that some people have died that day too.  We as a society don’t think of death often enough.  We think we will live forever … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


There are signposts in life that tell us exactly where to go, like trying to find a highway to get us to our destination.  Signs in general are a big part of our lives.  Recently I visited CO and was so thankful for all the clear signs that got me through Denver International Airport.  It … More SIGNPOSTS


SOMEONE ONCE SAID THIS: JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE CARRIES IT WELL DOES NOT MEAN IT ISN’T HEAVY. And the “it”, well, that can mean anything…….life, a diagnosis, a death, a divorce, a marriage gone wrong, a child, a job loss, a debt, a longing in the soul. We all go through stuff, some more than others.  … More CARRY THINGS WELL


  If you think about it, we all have a clear understanding of what the yellow traffic sign means when we are driving about…….caution.  When our eyes see a sign like that, we usually try to be more alert as to what is coming around the bend. We should also have caution in our lives … More EXERCISE CAUTION