We all grow weary at times…….but we must not waver!  Yes, due to life and it’s commitments, we drift from GOD and then we waver.  We question HIS goodness for us and HIS promises.  The world does bring you to your knees and right now in this present time more than ever! It takes strength … More DON’T WAVER


In another month the summer heat will be upon us here in Arizona.  I will admit my blood is thinning out so really anything above 110 starts to feel hot to me.  Someone asked me once what 120 feels like…….stick your head into an oven and that is it! My question right now is this……are … More FEELING THE HEAT


When I was walking this morning I was looking at people’s porches to see how many chairs were out.  Some only had one, but many had two or more.   It was the single chair that made me sad, wondering if the person living inside had no one to sit with.  You see we all … More IT ONLY TAKES TWO