Our souls should ache vertical for the coming of the Messiah…… MICAH 7: 7  “AS FOR ME, I WILL WATCH EXPECTANTLY FOR THE LORD.” In these current days and the ones ahead of us, let’s stay awake to the wonder of our GOD, looking for HIM……..and why? BECAUSE JESUS SAID HE WOULD RETURN. MARK 13: … More WATCH AND WORSHIP


It is winter and some places are cold and some not so much.  Some people’s hearts are warm and some are stone cold.  Which is yours?  And have you made room for JESUS in your heart today?  Maybe your heart is already full with gladness and maybe your heart is full of utter sadness.  But … More MAKE HIM ROOM


Christmas is coming.  Christmas is coming!  Never before in this sin-soaked world are we in need of a Savior. Our leaders are far from humble.  Unfortunately their pride and woke philosophies are taking our nation on a dangerous path……further and further away from GOD.  And the further we move in this wrong direction, the further … More THE HUMBLE KING


I have never been very good at keeping a journal.  I do love to buy a pretty one and I begin in it and many times there are pages left blank because I have started in another new journal.  I do have several notebooks that I have written in.  There are blog posts recorded there, … More SCRIBBLES TO GOD


Many of us have gone to school for years.  Some people go to receive that prestigious degree, others graduate and move into jobs and the classroom is a distant memory.  All of humanity exists in the schoolroom of life.  And there are those who recognize that we are in GOD’S schoolroom from the time we … More GOD’S SCHOOLROOM


So think for a moment……..what in this entire big world that spins in the universe causes you to pause… awe and wonder? Each December I attempt to take a fresh look at the Christmas Story written in the Gospels to see if GOD shows me a new perspective.  I desire to keep looking at HIS … More RAVISHED and IN AWE!


LIFE IS A SERIES OF MOMENTS.  MOMENTS UPON MOMENTS ADD UP TO A LIFE.  WHAT AND WHO IS YOUR DELIGHT?  DOES YOUR CURRENT LIFE HAVE JOY AND DELIGHT RISING ABOVE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES? We experience good moments and bad ones and there are moments that change in a split second.  There are moments that seem to … More MOMENTS OF DELIGHT