There are signposts in life that tell us exactly where to go, like trying to find a highway to get us to our destination.  Signs in general are a big part of our lives.  Recently I visited CO and was so thankful for all the clear signs that got me through Denver International Airport.  It … More SIGNPOSTS


Let’s really look at people’s behavior today.  Are we shocked?  We should be!  Everyday I read something about someone who did something so shocking to a complete stranger that I cannot wrap my head around it.  Our society’s decency is deteriorating day by day.  But why? WHAT WE BELIEVE INFLUENCES OUR BEHAVIOR. And slowly but … More BELIEF AND BEHAVIOR


Recently a friend and I had a fun outing to some thrift stores.  My car has a good GPS tracker so we put in the address of where we needed to go.  When we arrived at our destination, we laughed realizing that we were right by a mall we are familiar with, but the GPS … More THE BEST GPS