As Christians we are to stand in the gap for JESUS…….HE is the way the truth and the life and the light of our lives!  So we live to worship and gather and help others.  Our mind is not for ourselves, but more for what JESUS would do in each situation. There are times when … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


Yesterday I had my last radiation treatment…….and I got to ring the bell.  I know deep down that GOD saw me through something quite difficult.  I have read that people have their family and friends attend, but I didn’t have that.  It was just me and the people who treated me.  It was an emotional … More A NEW LIFE


Do you have a desire to grow your faith?  In so doing, it does require of us to ask hard questions.  When you draw closer to GOD, you want to know and understand the heart of JESUS.  To know HIM is to love HIM more.  And to understand the GOD who walked the earth is … More ASK HARD QUESTIONS


Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked bread!  It is so very simple, yet it so entices the senses.  Anyone will take a piece of freshly baked bread coming from the oven, all warm and soft.  There is so much you can do with bread too.  Sandwiches, dipping pieces and the list can go … More BREAD FROM HIS HAND


There are so many books and so much you can read or study.  But the best book you could ever hold in your hand and worth more than gold is your BIBLE.  This book is precious because in it are the words written to you by your SAVIOR, JESUS.  And to know HIM is to … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


In Luke 17: 6  the apostles said to the LORD:  “Increase our faith.”  And JESUS answered them like this: “IF YOU HAD FAITH LIKE A GRAIN OF MUSTARD SEED, YOU COULD SAY TO THIS MULBERRY TREE, ‘BE UPROOTED AND PLANTED IN THE SEA AND IT WOULD OBEY YOU.” Jesus reminds us that we shouldn’t be … More SUPPLEMENT YOUR FAITH


People have asked me: are you a mountain girl or an ocean girl.  Both draw you to them, to the creation, but more important to the CREATOR.  I definitely love those majestic Rockies.  You can’t live in Colorado for 30 years and not fall in love with their beauty.  We started a beautiful new life … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


In some Bibles usually in the New Testament, there is a great reference that is called a Harmony of the Gospels.  It is a reference using all the Gospels showing the life of CHRIST.  When all of these accounts are blended together into one complete account, or harmonized, we can see and gain knowledge into … More HARMONIZED