Are you at home with GOD or are you more at home with the world?  Because we need to continually check ourselves with this fact.  If we are more at home with the world then we have intentionally drifted from GOD.  The world will pull us in and we need to continually pull ourselves away.  … More AT HOME WITH GOD


I read this week a reminder for all of us:  “keep away from anything that might take GOD’S place in your heart.” Keep away, stay away and don’t go near.  It is a warning and it is meaningful for us all.  The world and all it’s distractions are just that, idols that can take the … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


I have a stack of written letters from my father and they mean so much to me to read and to know how much he loved me.  Our Bibles were written for us by a gracious FATHER too, as a living letter of Spirit and Truth.  GOD has put all HIS love, provision and care … More LIVING LETTERS


Two steps forward, one step back.  Ever feel this way?  I can feel my spiritual journey moving forward, but it’s the hard difficulties that trip me up, that make me question everything I know, or do they?  Often I am beset by difficulties. Everything does and will not go perfectly and smoothly in this life.  … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


Make sure you love someone today.  There are people who don’t like Valentines Day because they don’t have a significant other, but this day can mean so much more when you love on and serve those around you.  May your heart be soft today, not hardened like the rest of the culture. 1 JOHN 4: … More A SOFT HEART


The LORD GOD is the creator of all things……….all………things.  It seems in this day and age that we have moved toward a worship of the created rather than the CREATOR.  GOD is the giver of all things and our CREATOR……let’s remember that before we give the created all the credit.  HE is our life and … More CREATE IN ME


Since we are GOD’S people, we are a kingdom people.  We are other worldly, thinking and knowing that our life does not end here…….an eternal kingdom awaits us!   Oh what good news this is!  As believers we will live in CHRIST’S kingdom and share in that administration of that kingdom.  Just knowing this, that a … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS