Some people have a struggle believing the virgin birth – but it makes perfect sense that JESUS had to come down, put there in Mary’s womb by the Divine Hand and yet settle there to be born in human form.  Because JESUS came to save the world. OUR GRACIOUS JESUS WAS FULLY HUMAN YET DIVINE. … More FULLY HUMAN YET DIVINE


As I was walking through the park I live near, a lady was coming towards me with a stroller, a dog and her little girl who was joyfully jumping in the puddles that were left from the sprinklers.   She was jumping with such laser focus that she almost jumped into me on the sidewalk.  But … More THANKFUL FOR PUDDLES


We all have special days in our lives, like birthdays and anniversaries.  These days are lovingly placed upon our busy calendars and looked forward to with hope and joy.  There are other days that matter too: first days of a new job, first day in a new year of school, first day of chemo, last … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


Blind spots in life we all seem to have one way or another.  But honestly, where I don’t want to have them is in my spiritual walk.  If my cancer diagnosis has shown me anything, it is truly a blessing if you have your complete health.  My health was a thing taken for granted all … More SPIRITUAL BLINDSPOTS


A little yes can step you in the right direction today, rather than an emphatic no.  We can say yes to GOD and yes to HIS word and yes to HIS commands.  Sometimes however, we let our flesh choose and that is surely when we run into trouble. Oswald Chambers has said this:  always guard … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


GOD is both a wall and a well to HIS people.  Some people plant beautiful vines over those walls that look so plain.  Here in AZ all our yards are surrounded by those brick walls.  Some see them as ugly, some see them as privacy and some see them as protection. GOD in HIS infinite … More A WALL AND A WELL


In this sin soaked world satan would have you believe that all your hopes and dreams are dashed.  This world can push against you so much that you feel very small.  But our faith, our believing can be bigger than the oceans.  WITH GOD THERE IS ALWAYS A BIGGER HOPE Obstacles and problems can seem … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS