In some Bibles usually in the New Testament, there is a great reference that is called a Harmony of the Gospels.  It is a reference using all the Gospels showing the life of CHRIST.  When all of these accounts are blended together into one complete account, or harmonized, we can see and gain knowledge into … More HARMONIZED


Anyone else love a red letter Bible?  I grew up with one and many translations today still have those words in red.  Those words in red are words said by JESUS.  They are important and you cannot miss them because they are red.  They stand out and you will find them mostly in the 4 … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS


I have always enjoyed walking and looking at houses…….I have seen all kinds, old ones and new ones.  I often wonder who lives in them, what their lives are like and if they are happy in them.  The old saying of no one knows what goes on behind closed doors is very true.  I wonder … More A BEAUTIFUL HOUSE


Sooner rather than later, all of us who profess to believe are taken through a series of hard things where JESUS says to us in HIS amazing way: so where is your faith now? MARK 9: 24  “I BELIEVE; HELP MY UNBELIEF.” In the book of Mark, the man whose son had convulsions since childhood, … More HELP OUR UNBELIEF


I have been lighting a candle each day.  The flame burns brightly in the early a.m. and it chases away the darkness. PSALM 112: 4  “LIGHT DAWNS IN THE DARKNESS FOR THE UPRIGHT; HE IS GRACIOUS, MERCIFUL, AND RIGHTEOUS.” GOD’S light is guidance for us……..it’s a beacon of hope just like those lighthouses that guide … More SUNDAY REFLECTIONS