The world causes us to see that next beautiful thing that we need to make us happy.  It’s the bigger house, the nicer car or truck, the newer phone.  It’s that next pretty blouse in our closet but, it’s all a lie really, cause none of the material will make us happy.  That next material … More MEANINGFUL OVER MATERIAL


We have turned the pages of the calendar and it is February.  Everyone remembers those they love on February 14th.  We remember those we have lost and those very close to us.  Love seems to be all around…….but lately you have to wonder.  You wonder how brutally hurtful and awful man is to his fellow … More FOR THE SAKE OF LOVE


We all grow weary at times…….but we must not waver!  Yes, due to life and it’s commitments, we drift from GOD and then we waver.  We question HIS goodness for us and HIS promises.  The world does bring you to your knees and right now in this present time more than ever! It takes strength … More DON’T WAVER