Oh how we pray for patience!  We learn over time that it is the one thing we probably shouldn’t pray for because we know we will always blow it! How often I fall short of patience, how often I will in the future and I continually ask GOD for forgiveness on this one.  When I … More PATIENCE REFINED


First I want to thank you for all the well wishes posted here for safe travels for us to Lake Havasu, AZ and Zion, Utah.  The views were breathtaking and soaking them in was good for both of our souls! So how is the state of your soul right now dear one?  Like me, you … More THE GREAT EXCHANGE


We are planning a trip to Utah……we leave today.  And since I will be gone this next Tuesday, I am planning on just a small break.  Honestly, all my free time on vacation will go to reading and writing.  And so I will miss you here, but know dear reader, I haven’t forgotten you! It … More A NOTE FOR YOU