Have you ever heard the Spirit’s voice speaking to you and thought: OK LORD, I will get to that in a minute?  How often do we hear and know the Spirit’s prompting to us, and we put it off? EVERYONE IS GUILTY OF PUTTING OFF TOMORROW WHAT SHOULD BE DONE TODAY! We all have done … More JUST A MINUTE


Is there something that your soul yearns for?  Yearning is an intense feeling for something and a feeling of being separated from someone or something.  In the midst of this covid crisis we have had much of our busyness stripped away and we have been on a long pause. But pausing in the midst of … More YEARNING AND PAUSING


Someone once said that the greatest gift we could receive is our loss of comfort and security.  Really?  Don’t we all want those things more than anything?  Don’t we seek comfort and security every day? Many have suffered loss during this pandemic season of 2020.   Loss of any kind makes us turn inward to examine … More THE GIFT OF LOSS