GOD’S Holy desire for us is to be merciful to one another and in so doing we must humble ourselves and consider others before we think of ourselves.  We need to be selfless and extend the hands of mercy all around us.  Another word we can use for mercy is lovingkindness.  I love that word!  … More EXTENDERS OF MERCY


KENNEDY AWARD OF EXCELLENCE I just received a nice nomination from a fellow blogger.  The committee said of her, that her posts were a “blessing to the world.” So thank you Tangie for who you are and who you are in CHRIST!   TANGIE T. WOODS is her name!  You can view her wonderful blog … More A NICE NOD


There is one staple in all of our food that people enjoy, some more than others and it is bread.  We love to put all kinds of toppings on it and who doesn’t enjoy that smell of bread in the oven!  Just the smell of bread tends to be a comfort! If you search the … More HIS BREAD ALWAYS