I GOT NOMINATED FOR SOMETHING YESTERDAY…….and it is an honor to just be considered, but even more important to know that someone visited Heavensreef!

And so, first off I must say a huge THANK YOU SO MUCH……to Kathy Wire and her taking the time to visit and then to nominate me.  You can find her wonderful blog when you click here …….

Since I am new to all of this, please be patient with me if I have messed something up – like a link?!

Anyway, this award is to honor and recognize bloggers for all their efforts and it is geared towards blogs with a smaller viewership.  Honestly I don’t know the full total of viewers I have because I believe GOD takes care of it.  So you can see what a humbling honor this is for me to just be nominated along with so many others who are more worthy than I!

There are some basic rules etc. to follow so passing those along as well…….


Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

Answer the questions you were asked.

Share 10 random facts about yourself.

Nominate at least 3 blogs for the award or you may nominate more!

Make up 10 questions for your nominees and inform them of the nomination.

All nominations are voluntary and if the blogger chooses to accept the nomination, please read the full rules here.

Here are my answers to Kathy’s 10 questions for me.

1.  What makes you gasp in awe/delight?

We moved to Arizona 4 summers ago……the sunsets here are beyond anything I have ever seen, so much so, that I will drop everything and go take a picture with delight and awe of GOD’S Creation.  My favorite pic I have taken was this one…..

2.  What weather makes you sparkle? Are you out in it, or watching?

I am totally a fair weather girl……I will be out in it all day long, however the heat here keeps me inside through some of the summer… today the temp is: 105 degrees!

3.  You know how a smell can trigger a memory & instantly transport you. Describe a vivid experience.

Smell of crayons…….I remember childhood fun.  Smell of certain perfumes that can take me back to experiences of what I was wearing and where I was.  Like a high school dance!  Too many to say here.

4. Do you have a favorite idiom/saying/quip you use or have heard? Explain.

Yes, “you may be the only JESUS someone sees”…….meaning be HIS hands and feet in the world.

5. What does the word, “speed” conjure up for you?

Plain and simple: a fast car!

6. Describe the tastes and textures of a favorite meal.

Mexican…….chips (crunchy) guacamole (creamy on tongue) spicy meat (spice) and all the fixings…..but I love it all with a glass of red wine or cold beer. Perfect here in AZ too on a hot day.

7. Have you had one of those moments where the presence of GOD was strong? Describe.

I have had one time where that still small voice told me to “move to the side of the road right now” I listened and just then a speeding car blew past me. I shook for several minutes seeing that he was on the wrong side of the road!  But then, was comforted that I was safe and realized that GOD had not taken me just yet…….was so very, very thankful I listened! HIS still small voice is amazing that way.

8. You are at a large picnic in a meadow; a barn and small creek are nearby.  The tables are spread with gingham cloths, and full of scrumptious, homemade food.  Who is with you?

Definitely my husband, grown son and my 3 dear soul sisters and their whole families!!  I can “see” us all laughing as we always do so much when together.

9. City lights or down-home country?

Nothing like sitting on a farmhouse porch in the country with a view of farmland, cows and horses grazing as far as the eye can see.

10. What was the best way you ever spent money?

Easy answer: we recently bought a TEETER, inversion table.  Good for my back, keeps me from all those chiropractor visits that can cost! Best $ we ever spent! Makes you feel great.


1. I grew up in Chicago where I met my husband (we knew each other in high school).

And…………… 2. My son was born when I turned 30.   

3.  I started figure skating at the age of six and continued with competitions etc. through the age of 18.   

4.  I also skated in the ICE CAPADES (that dates me).   

5. I have a good sense of color, where I can buy something to match an item at home or in my wardrobe and sure enough I am usually right. 

6. I started a book club a few months ago in my new neighborhood.  We already have 8 wonderful ladies and read one book per month……it’s so fun!   

7. Name for Heavensreef came to me literally in a dream……I woke up with 2 words in my mind: Heaven and Reef.  Made no sense to me, however when I put them together!!!   

8.  When I write about GOD and HIS awesome character and all that HE is, I feel closest to HIM!   

9. I begin every day without fail with a cup of coffee and my Bible and GOD. 

10.  My dream vacation would be to visit the HOLY LAND.



Amy Blount

Tosin Iyawo Ogaga

Sue Love

Please check the rules I listed above for you all. Now……here are your 10 questions:

1. What is your priority in life? (I know loaded question)                                                                        

2.  What is your favorite subject to write about (we all write because we must love it yes?)               

3.  What is the best piece of advice someone gave to you that you live your life by?                           

4.  What part of the country or world do you live in and why do you love it there?                               

5.  If you could be a Superhero, who would that be and why?                                                                 

6.  Name 3 of your favorite sounds.                                                                                                             

7.  Do you prefer a beach vacation or a snow vacation?  Why?                                                               

8.  What does Community mean to you? 

9. What character trait is your strongest?  Weakest? 

10. Describe your current relationship with GOD?  How is your walk going?                                                                                           

I just want to encourage anyone who writes and says encouraging “stuff”, to continue to do so with all your heart.  We all can be a positive influence for those who visit our blogs…….and if your faith is the power of your life, then keep writing for the LORD!

PSALM 51:10 “Create in me a pure heart O LORD, and renew a steadfast Spirit within me.”



















12 thoughts on “AND SO…….I WAS NOMINATED.

  1. Congratulations!! You so deserve this award! What a great post, too! You grew up in Chicago… my father and aunts did, too, and so I’ve always had a soft spot for that city. I’m sure I’ve asked you this before, but I can’t remember… where in Arizona do you live? Did you say Prescott? I just can’t recall. Did I tell you that my husband and I lived in Sedona for a year? I taught in Camp Verde and he pastored in Sedona. What an experience! We moved from there to England so my husband could do grad school. I love Mexican food!! Your description of your perfect meal makes me crave guacamole! 😉 I so loved reading more about you! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LOVE your answers! The one about the presence of God: I had a similar experience once when driving: God told me to slow down and move over as I approached a hill. Sure enough, two cars came at me, one of which was passing the other on that hill. Yikes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your consideration…….I cannot respond to this right now since, I won’t be home or have access to my laptop. I am humbled though! Blessings to you too and I did link you on my most recent post anyway!

      Liked by 1 person

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