One of my dearest friends almost died this past week.

There I have said it and it hurts my heart just looking at that statement!  Nothing in life can bring you to your knees more than a life and death situation.

My friend experienced loss of breath, heart racing and 911 was called.  Emergency room doctors seriously worked on her, and prayers from many friends and family immediately went up to GOD.  I made the calls to everyone we know to pray, pray and pray more!

There is power in prayer and when many voices are raised in agreement, GOD hears.  All of our hearts were on the same page and we all held our breath until she was out of the woods.  Doctors since have told her that she shouldn’t be here…….that it is a miracle that she is.  I believe, all our many prayers that came from all over the country were heard and answered! 

GOD continually displays HIS power and glory every day.  HIS character is known and HE says when we pray to HIM, if we believe and it is HIS will, that HE will answer. I don’t know why HE answers some prayers and others not, but I do have faith that HE answers.

I finally asked my friend the hard question…….the one that I imagined late that first night as I sat in bed unable to sleep.  That question that I couldn’t put my mind around: “did you think you were going to die?”  She responded with: “no, I prayed to GOD and I fought to breathe.  I fought hard.”

Obviously that is our human instinct…….but I say, it is real courage.  We never know how we will respond in those come out of nowhere emergencies.  What would we do?   Would we hold on tight to our GOD and fight?


After the death of Moses, the LORD told Joshua to “be strong and courageous.”  Also, that HE would not leave him or forsake him.  What a comfort that statement is for all of us!  Our GOD never leaves us or forsakes us and because of HIS character, HE gives us strength and courage when our human nature has none.

I see such courage in my sweet friend and I look at myself and don’t think I could have gone through what she went through with such grace and steadfast spirit.  GOD truly had HIS hand upon her and I give all the glory to HIM for saving her!  Honestly there were times I had no words to pray except: LORD, please don’t take my friend.  You see, I am the weak friend, the taking for granted friend, the one that always said in the future that I would go first because I am the older one.  But this experience has taught me how GOD’S story can be so different for us.  That it is never what we think it should be and that life can change in an instant!

Real love bears all things, yes it bears and lifts up.  I had to ask myself, could I bear it all?  The real outcome?  Good or bad? Happy or sad?  Rejoicing or mourning?

When you love someone, your heart will at some point break.  And you can embrace the brokenness of your heart or ignore it, but if you do, GOD has a way of making you deal with it sooner or later.  When your heart breaks, when it is shattered, then the light streams in the cracks and HIS love pours in and eventually makes you whole again.

Brokenness brings us to Holy Ground with our LORD.


My sweet friend is home now, but the prayers have not stopped for one minute.  Honestly, I am still holding my breath and my prayers continue with each breath I take.  She is surrounded by friends and family. GOD is blessing her with excellent doctors and much agape love from many people including me.

So, be strong and courageous my precious friend.  Let us say, that GOD has this one!  HE is keeping you safe and will heal you and strengthen you…….let’s trust that.  And remember you are loved and cherished for who you are in HIM…….a miracle of HIS power and love!  








  1. Thank you for sharing this, Maxine. There are always great lessons to be learned from the trauma of life. The Lord always uses these moments to draw His children closer to Him, and sometimes to draw unbelievers to faith in Him. May God bless you and your friend in the days ahead, and may He bring healing and comfort to her ailing body.

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    1. Thanks for your heartfelt comments…….my friend is getting stronger each day and I cannot wait to see her when I visit in May to really hug her neck. Yes, I don’t always understand GOD’S ways, but we are not meant to this side of Heaven. But I trust HIM…….HIS integrity, HIS character and HIS love for HIS children. Thanks for stopping by!

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  2. What an emotional, heartfelt post dear friend. I am so thankful that God hears our prayers and answers them! It is so encouraging to know that He is faithful, always Good, always comforting us and giving us strength through our Faith in Him.

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  3. Oh, no! Have they figured out what was wrong and what they can do to fix it? I’m so glad she is at home and safe now. What a beautiful post about an obviously beautiful woman! Praying for her as I click on “post comment.” 🙂 ❤

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    1. Lynn…..
      Yes they did figure out what was wrong………she had surgery and hopefully will be ok in future. I am so thankful she had good doctors in the emergency room! Yes she is an amazing woman and Mom, Grandmother and especially my Sister in CHRIST! Thanks for stopping by!


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