The LORD has a way of impressing upon our hearts those things that we sometimes are unaware of.  CHRIST was and is always there, always available to us if you think about it.  I for one don’t want to be “too busy”.  Don’t you know people who are like this?  You ask how they are and they say, oh I have been so busy.  So are you busy for yourself, or are you one who is available……..available in a way that furthers the Kingdom?

One of my goals for 2018 is to slow down and just be…… available, be open, be approachable, give the gift of time to another.  How is life better, when you are busier?  Isn’t life more full, more abundant, when we simply move at a slower pace? 

One way to further the kingdom is just to be available…….those interruptions in our plans are really not interruptions, but GOD opportunities to help, listen, encourage and to love others.  By others I mean those strangers even who cross our paths at the grocery store, gas pump, at the library and in every day life paths.

Does being available require me to slow down and see those before me…….and listen?

Jesus said: “I am the bread of life.” John 6:35

Since each morning I eat HIS bread, HIS word, why can’t I be the bread to someone? To listen, to give, to be broken with them.  The gift of presence is priceless to anyone in 2018.  Did you know?   GOD wants us to be with others.

Being with others requires you to be available, there really is no way around that fact.  Are you aware of those in need around you? What do you do with the time GOD has graciously given you?

I have a wonderful friend here in AZ that GOD brought into my life.  What I am so impressed about her is that almost every day she is seeing or doing something for someone.  She is always with someone.  She continually gives her time away. She isn’t doing things for herself, she is giving away, she is available.  She is a gift.  Mind you she does all of it with a humble spirit, not expecting anything in return.  She is JESUS in skin to me.  And yes, I witness her loving people and the LORD with all her heart.

Let us pay attention to the least of those we might meet.  You see, we aren’t “better” than anyone else.  The world will tell you, you are better and if you acquire stuff, you are better than your neighbor.  But it doesn’t matter if you have a lot of money or are poor.  GOD does see us all the same……. as broken and sinful souls who need rescuing!  But JESUS came as our Redeemer, born of a virgin on a dark night long ago…….GOD reached down because HE was aware of our sin.  And we need that same type of awareness for others deep down.  Let our hearts be broken together for what breaks HIS and “see” each other.  Blessed are the available!  

Is there a need? Be available!  Be attentive, be intentional.  Consider others better than yourself.  It’s amazing how doing just that takes the focus off of yourself!  Isn’t that what GOD wants in us?  To be aware of those around us and to stick closer to a brother in need?

In our social media world, the focus is on none other than………us.

It’s sad really, we are more concerned with Facebook time rather than true face time with one another.  We care more about what we post then who we call.  Who needs a phone call from you today?  Who might you cheer by your voice alone today?  Who needs you to show up?  Who needs you?

Sometimes we can show up in the small things.  But the important thing is that we show up, that we are aware, and that we give.  Let us love others instead of competing with others.  Help, encourage, lift up with a compliment, give the gift of yourself.  Tell your story as a proof of GOD’S love for you.  Don’t give to receive, give it all away without any strings attached.  Be available with your time! 

GOD is abundant with HIS love for us, let us be abundant in our love as we give to others. 


Don’t ever think that going that extra mile for someone is a waste…… will never know how you touch someone with your love.  Let’s stop being so mean and start being more kind.  Kindness grows out of being available. What a blessing you can be to someone, just by being present!  And what an abundant life we lead when we live to give to others.

Our JESUS was always available and still is for us.  HE was radical in how HE gave.  HE gave HIS life on the Cross, so you and I could have eternal life.  All HE wants is a relationship with you and the FATHER sent HIM just for that.  HE is available for you to come to HIM, anytime, anywhere and any place.  Not just in Church.  You can have a relationship with HIM anywhere.  Remember HE is the ONE who is ALWAYS  available, now and for all eternity!

So what about you……. how will you spend your precious time in this New Year?  Will you focus on yourself, or be the available one for others, because there is a need for you everywhere and because blessed……are……. the……. available!







  1. Very truthful and convicting. I think the key is that too many of us are selfish, looking way too often at our own interests rather than those of others, which is the exact opposite of Philippians 2:3-4. Being available to others is definitely a great resolution for 2018, but, sadly, one we all should have made years ago. Excellent post!

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  2. Yes agree David…….but I know GOD keeps working on our hearts. Was just having this discussion with my son today and he gets this! And I am so glad that he has committed his life to be a “man for others”. He will graduate from Culinary school soon and it is an important “ingredient” in that world to have! Happy Writing!


  3. I absolutely love this! Thank you for reminding me and I suspect all of your readers that it isn’t about us. Thank you for the encouragement as we begin 2018! Another year to make an impact for Christ! What a blessing that is! And how wonderfully your words reflect our Savior’s “gameplan!” ❤

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  4. Yes we can be available for others in so many ways…….little ways and big ways. Thanks for just being available for a few minutes of your time to stop and comment here. Bloggers tend to love comments and I so appreciate yours! Blessings on your NEW YEAR! Be available!


  5. Maxine, your post deeply touched my heart. From the first word to the last you spoke such wisdom about just exactly how Jesus wants us to be. One of my continuing prayers is that He breaks my heart for what breaks His. It’s so true that we have abundance in our own life when we reach into the lives of others and share His light. That is exactly what I see in you! Thank you for sharing this wonderful post with us. God Bless you my friend for reaching into our hearts with your thoughts and His wisdom.

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  6. Jayne-
    So glad you could “see” yourself in this post. May our journey together continue as friends and as truth seekers! So thankful GOD brought us together and my heart is warmed just knowing you read my posts. Thank you!


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