Isn’t it just like our GOD to give us something to…….behold.  HE sends us sunrises and sunsets every day.  How often we take them for granted! But truly there is only ONE to whom we should behold and that is our JESUS, our GOD, our protector and our redeemer. WHAT YOU BEHOLD IS WHAT YOU … More BEHOLD


One fact that so impresses me about living in Arizona is the fact that there is water, water, everywhere.  Because the desert is so dry and hot, just looking at water tends to have a cooling, refreshing impact.  Quenching your thirst here is important too…….every restaurant you go to will give you a “to go” … More HOW THIRSTY ARE YOU?


Here we are again with a new year with new possibilities.  How many of you make New Year’s resolutions?  I quit doing it several years ago because I could never keep the ones I made past February.  Maybe it was because I was doing it all on my own…….without seeking GOD first.   Now I choose … More ONE WORD FOR 2018