I have come to believe that waiting on GOD is worth it.  How often do we try to forge ahead of HIM and manage to make more of a mess of ourselves and our situation!

I am one of those who doesn’t like waiting in line, waiting at a gas station, or a stoplight.  I am impatient when I am waiting, always wanting things to move faster.

But in my Christian walk with GOD I see things very differently.  I have found that in the last few years that GOD, when HE answers in HIS own time, it is always true and perfect.  I love how HE does answer because the answer always challenges me and moves me in a forward direction.  I am learning to rest in the waiting.

Last year at this time we had moved into a new house and a new neighborhood.  I see now that it is exactly where GOD wants us!  My neighborhood could not be more perfect.  And when we decided to sell our other home, I knew that I wasn’t going to try to worry and do and fuss in all the preparations…….for once I just gave it all up to HIM, didn’t lose a nights sleep, there was no stress and our home sold in 3 weeks to the day.  We found our present home without stress or worry, just many prayers for GOD to show us and we waited and we found right where we are now.  Through it all I had the peace of if GOD wanted us to move, then HE would make it happen and if the answer was no, I would also be content with that answer.

Let’s think about this……..could it be that HE really does know better in all situations?  That GOD sees the whole picture, the whole story, our story, and knows how it all ends?  Could it be that HIS wisdom and guidance through the power of HIS word truly is…….perfect?

Because I have learned to trust HIM, I have learned to wait better on an answer from HIM.  I pray for discernment and then watch and wait and learn and interpret.  I don’t even get into the “when will YOU answer”, but I focus on:  “YOU WILL answer” and I will follow that answer and I tend to wait patiently.

The trusting is key here, and when we see how GOD does answer in our lives, we realize that HIS answer is the best possible answer for us!  Who doesn’t want that! Why in the world do we believe that we can do a better job than our GOD?

Isn’t it an act of faith to look beyond what is right in front of us, to what really can be?

Hear this: “but the LORD takes pleasure in those who fear HIM, in those who hope in HIS steadfast love.” Psalm 147: 11

Our hope in GOD is our confidence in our faith with walking along with HIM.  If I have true confidence in HIS wisdom for me, then I must have patience in the waiting!  I know and realize that we might wait years!  Do you get that……are you ok with that?  It’s very difficult to do, year after year, but HE WILL answer!

So if it could take that long, we better get better at the waiting.  We better say “thine will, not mine” and we better learn how to rest when we rest in HIM.  It does take submission of our wills in order to do this……..a willingness to wait patiently.

The world says MOVE all the time, but GOD says to BE STILL.  Otherwise how can we ever hear HIM?  And HIS peace provides that rest in the waiting.  When you wait, if you truly are…….you will have that special peace that only GOD provides.  

Right now, what are you waiting on…….a specific answer to a prayer, or a move, or guidance or wisdom in a situation?

My advice is to learn to rest in that waiting.  Because our LORD wants to provide for us, but in all HIS wisdom, mercy and grace that only HE can give us.  Find rest for your souls friends and learn to love it and cherish the waiting.




5 thoughts on “WORTH THE WAIT

  1. What a great message Maxine! It’s a perfect reminder of how we need to wait, be patient, Trust in HIM and to rest in Him in His perfect timing. What an encouraging message!

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