I have come to believe that waiting on GOD is worth it.  How often do we try to forge ahead of HIM and manage to make more of a mess of ourselves and our situation! I am one of those who doesn’t like waiting in line, waiting at a gas station, or a stoplight.  I … More WORTH THE WAIT


I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel my life is just ordinary.  I have to remind myself daily that we have an extraordinary GOD.  I for one, never want to take HIM for granted and with that thought in mind, I need to pause and consider……. I invite you to consider the following … More PAUSE AND CONSIDER


If you think about it, we all are planting seeds of goodness or seeds of negativity along the way.  I have learned that the good seeds of GOD can and will be watered either by us or someone else.  But planting only good seeds should be our goal each day. The seeds we plant in … More FERTILE GROUND