I’m in a quandry right now.  Those of you who know me well, my soul sisters, know exactly what I am talking about! I am realizing all too quickly that my comfortable life is about to change.  Do you ever find that when you think you are in a comfortable place in your life that GOD has a very different plan in mind?

FAITH is confidence in the kindness of GOD, no matter the confusion of circumstances.

Have you ever heard the phrase: “the more you think things stay the same, the more they change”?  Most people don’t like change and many people fear change.  We all have people or certain activities in our lives that we would love for them to remain there forever.  But on this earth, there is no forever.  Only heaven can give us that eternity our souls long for.

So what do you do when GOD whispers in your ear that change is on the horizon?  Honestly I know HE isn’t interested in my comfort.  If we all lived a comfortable life we wouldn’t need a GOD of mercy and grace.  If none of us ever really hurt, we wouldn’t reach for the GOD who meets us in those valleys of life. 

I know soon my GOD will be taking me into uncharted waters and honestly, I’m a bit scared, mostly cause I don’t know where I will end up.  And I am not the only one going through what I am going through.  GOD has surrounded me with women who are going through this too. The unknown is scary yes?  I have a friend moving right now to a new place where she knows not one soul…….how scary is that?

My situation is not a move, but it is a change that eventually will happen.  Fear is part of my emotions besides……. wonder. I say that it’s a wonder that GOD has shown me this different path.  HIS timing has been perfect with scripture jumping off the page at me, books given to me by friends and my one spiritual mentor who has put it all into words for me to understand myself.  I have said recently: LORD, honestly I don’t have a clue how to navigate this!  I’m on a new path, a path of more spiritual maturity overall and in a way I am kind of excited watching how GOD is leading.  But I also am seeking…….seeking HIM.  I want to see clearly and I pray for much discernment.  We all are responsible for our spiritual maturity, however, we have to make sure that GOD leads, and we follow.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be a surface Christian.  I desire to go deep.

I am currently reading the above book……it has turned my safe little world upside down. I highly recommend it.  You will examine everything as far as your faith goes and what you hear and what gospel you believe.  MacArthur tackles the error of easy-believism.  He talks about a “humble spirit of unconditional surrender to JESUS’ rightful authority as both LORD and SAVIOR that is the very essence of genuine faith”.

Because of this book, I am on a journey now with eyes wide open and I give all the credit to GOD for showing me something I wasn’t aware of!  I don’t believe that HE would take me out of my comfort zone only to take me to a worse place.  HE has something better in mind!  But until I land again in a safe place, I must hang on and abide with HIM as much as I can because I don’t want to miss HIS whisper and HIS guidance in HIS word.

In the middle of feeling off balance I need to ask myself: do I desire what GOD wants, or what I want?  Because of the HOLY SPIRIT’S discernment for me, I am on the move…….on the move to find what GOD wants me to find.

Once you decide to fully follow HIM, the journey will be far better than what you could ever want, because HE knows your needs and HE knows your heart.  Our GOD is a GOD of perfect plans…….when we choose HIM to be in the driver seat, HE will take us on an amazing journey.  If left to ourselves, we always seem to end up lost!


I encourage you dear reader, to never worry when GOD asks a hard thing of you.  Yes, you may grieve, or worry or even have a broken heart, but it all comes our way to change us, our character and to draw us closer to HIM.  So meet the change with open arms and embrace all that your SAVIOR has in mind for you. HIS will be done!




  1. I just read this post today and I am praying for you and the change that is or has come. Change has been difficult this year to say the least. I really appreciate your inspired words.


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