SHE texts me to say hello and how am I doing……..I respond with the usual: fine.  But my hip hurts!  She says she is sorry and then says: I am calling you now!  Did SHE hear the pain in my text??

SHE calls me because that is what girlfriends do.  They know us so well even across the miles……… when we are in pain they walk alongside.  HER voice is always like a suave to my soul.  Just hearing HER voice makes me feel better. SHE knows me through and through and there is much history there.  There are years together, over 25 and still counting!

And I realize, SHE is the sister I never had.  In essence, we have shared a lifetime.  We met as neighbors at a pool one summer where our boys splashed away a sunny day.

As we chat, we reminisce on those care-free days when the kids were little, there were no cell phones and the days were long and lovely.  How quickly time passes!  Wasn’t it just yesterday that our little ones were getting on the school bus for their first day of school?

Our conversation turns to us realizing that we were very blessed in those days.  But we were younger and didn’t really understand the wonder GOD had given us together.  We didn’t embrace those exquisite moments for what they truly were.  But they were a beginning, our story together…….GOD’S story for us, for our friendship.

You see, friendship is wonderful when you put GOD in the middle of the relationship………HE blesses!  And in our conversation, we wonder why we were chosen for each other?  Why some women never have this?  Could it be that some are unwilling to be vulnerable, transparent and intentional in the effort?  Are we all just too busy?  Or too broken? Too fearful? Do we think: maybe tomorrow?

It does take two to have a friendship in the first place…….it can’t be all one-sided, and it certainly can’t be dishonest or selfish.  Truth in-between is key, but so is love, forgiveness, respect, grace and mercy.  All those traits that GOD speaks so highly of in the Bible.


So if you want a friend, be a friend.  Reach out and take a risk.  Today is NOT too late! If you don’t, you will never know what you missed.  Yes, I have been hurt more than I can count.  But in all of that, there are pearls of friendship that are so dear to me.  Besides my friend I am speaking of here, I also have another that I met that year.  We have years together as well and I ask GOD, why me? Why me?  Why am I twice blessed with life long friendships?  GOD brought us together and I think we honored HIM with how we have treated each other and by loving each other fully, the friendships have grown, deepened and continued on.  Friendship is a true gift…….a gift from our FATHER.


I’m sad for how things are today.  People think their friends are a number on their social media.  Yes you may have a so-called pen pal.  Do they still call it that? But the walking daily through life kind of friend is what I am speaking about here. You know what I mean, the face to face kind…….not the Facebook kind.

Let’s remember that GOD is the GOD of relationship and HE wants us to continue to make friends our whole lives.

It does take time and trial and error and effort and perseverance.  Some friends might only be there for a season and then for some reason the friendship fades. Don’t ever decide not to make another friend because someone hurt you deeply. Forgive that friend and move on. GOD doesn’t want you to be without HIS blessing of friends! GOD values loving relationships more than anything else………you should too.

Friendship should be safe, authentic and effortless and without competition.  Your friends should love you for you, quirks and all.  A safe place it should be that your friend or you, can say anything, and I mean anything, and she won’t judge you.  Don’t we all want that unconditional love and acceptance? Isn’t JESUS our prime example on that? In HIS circle of friends, JESUS said the hard things and the loving things, but HE didn’t judge.  And I think in this life we all look for friends just like HIM.

Deep, true friendship is an affirmation of seeing each one’s beauty within and unique gifts that make us who we are!  But my friend said it best when SHE said, we need to see in each other that we are GOD’S chosen ones.  True friends always know and realize with each other that their friend is priceless and irreplaceable……..a treasure from GOD.  

If you have that special friend I am speaking of here, call her today.  Don’t text because your voice might be just what she needs to hear.  Treasure her and delight in her with your words. Tell her you are thankful for her.

Remember that GOD gave you that special friend, so honor her and love her, just the way JESUS loves you!



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