I recently read this: when you serve, you never serve alone. 

This is a wonderful thought because serving for others can be done alone, but when you serve for an event, more than likely you serve on a team.

I love the thought of team.  Have you heard the phrase: there is no in team?  I used to teach a figure skating team of girls called a synchro team.  I just loved the whole concept, especially that you were only as good as your weakest skater. We always encouraged all the girls to rally around that particular one and help her learn and improve to the best of her ability all the while learning that teamwork meant loving and accepting one another.  The girls learned to embrace each other, encourage one another and have fun with one another.  Before long, that weakest skater would have improved which helped the whole team and it’s outcome in competition.

I also love the team concept when serving at Church.  Serving in a setting where you can’t really be thanked is my favorite way to serve.  Honestly if you are doing the serving for the thanks, then you are doing it for the wrong reason.  I have served on teams where things were done for others in secret and oh how glorious that was!  Because you realized that maybe no one there saw, but JESUS did!

And that is why you never really serve alone.  JESUS is there, right by your side and HE sees your unselfish servanthood.  I would rather HIM see and also see what is truly in my heart as I serve.  

This past Friday I got the opportunity to serve with some GODLY women and set up tables with deserts for 300 people at Central Christian Church, here in Arizona.

Servanthood humbles, because you are working for a greater good, not your own and not to receive recognition.  See, we really shouldn’t want the praise, because too much of it will create pride within.

I think some people serve because their true motivation is to be noticed……..are you ok if only JESUS notices?  Can you honestly give away your time and talent, not receive even a thank you, and be alright with that?

Yes, I agree, “thank you” goes a long long way, but sometimes that doesn’t happen and when you serve, you need to be good with that.  And if you are, you will eventually come to a point where someone thanking you personally, actually makes you uncomfortable…….. uncomfortable because you did the serving for GOD, not for anyone else.  And that is mature serving, being the hands and feet of JESUS, being a reservoir of HIM to pour out HIS love on others. 

The following is a picture of the recent team I served on.  These women all had the right idea, working for a common goal and realizing that the yummy deserts would bring joy to the guests coming to the event.  Every woman there was present for the pure joy of serving and giving of their time…….no thank you needed.


Serving on a team can bring you so much love and joy and fun that only a togetherness can do.  You learn about yourself and others as well.  We all bring our own GOD-given gifts to the table.  I love to see how GOD will bring a team together and as a whole, when all the hearts are in the right place, everything gets accomplished beautifully.  Only GOD can do that, because we all are so flawed, but HE brings out the best needed gifts at the right time.  You may see detail, while someone else embraces the big picture and because you never serve alone, all those details somehow weave together for the final outcome as only GOD’S hand can do.  

May you serve the LORD with hands that are open and a heart that says: “send me LORD.” 

When your eyes and your heart are focused on HIM you will see the wonder in the serving, you will see the cost in the giving of your time, but you will also realize that it is the giving of yourself for CHRIST that is your priority.  The more you serve, the easier it becomes because you never serve alone with HIM by your side.

When you serve, serve with a purity of heart and mind.  GOD will never be disappointed in your sacrifice. Just make sure you are serving for the right reasons and you’ll never go wrong, but most important, you’ll never serve alone!




  1. Maxine, what a beautiful message about serving, especially serving together as a team, giving all glory to God. Thank you for capturing the essence of our serving group from the Central Christian Church Peace Conference. Love serving with you, sister in Christ! Jayne

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  2. I don’t tell you often enough how much I appreciate and enjoy your blog. So many thoughts, ideas and challenges for every day use and application. Thank you friend.

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    1. Just knowing you are there and reading is a comfort to me Vicki…….your comments are always a blessing! Thanks for serving with that wonderful smile on your face! I love it!


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