Let’s End Well


Days come to an end and we take them for granted.  But years come to an end and we reflect and take stock.  

Why is that?  Is it because we have 365 days to look back upon?  At the end of each and every day we should be taking inventory of what we did for the LORD and reflecting upon HIS love and glory for us. 

I often ask myself how did I serve HIM today?

Yes we all have busy lives.  Some of us seem to try to fit as much as we can into the 24 hours given to us.  But there are some very simple things we can do to abide with the LORD throughout our days.  Start each day with HIM……open your BIBLE and just read.  Find a book that speaks to you, but you must let the WORD sink in.  HIS WORD is truly a love letter just for us.  If you read often, you will see that.

Then ask the LORD to show you, to guide you and protect you.

As you go throughout your day, make sure you have reminders of HIM.  Because the Cross is the tree upon which our Savior died, I have crosses wherever I can place them.  I wear a cross and I have one hanging on my rear view mirror in my car.  My office has a cross wall and a reminder to abide………


My favorite thing to do is to listen to Christian music whenever I can……..it’s uplifting, it convicts and I love it. It helps me focus on the LORD so much.

Whenever I walk my pup, I try to pray and notice GOD’S beauty around me.  And my time alone really isn’t alone, because GOD is walking right along side me.

These are some simple steps I do………I am trying as best I can to make my faith tangible.  I want to feel it, and hold on to it.  I want to breathe it and let it be my heartbeat.  As I write here on this blog, my time spent here strikes me as sacred.  As I search for words, I search for my GOD.

The LORD has said if you search for HIM, you WILL find HIM.  But you have to search with all your heart!

My goal each day is to find HIS beauty, somewhere, somehow.  Usually I take a picture.  Sunrises and sunsets here in AZ are quite amazing.  But when I look and reflect, I realize that GOD is so big, and I’m so very small…….


At the end of your day then, reflect and ask yourself: did I end well?  GOD knows and sees your heart.  HE knows what you did or didn’t do for HIM and in HIM.  Knowing and loving the LORD is not just for Sundays.  It’s for every single day we live. Some days will be more difficult than others, but let’s end our days well……..we won’t be perfect at it, but we can try our best and thinking and pondering on the LORD……. is ending well!   Our desire for the LORD will increase too as we grow closer to HIM.  But it takes effort on our part………


I don’t know about you, if you are a reader or not, but I’ve already made a list of books I need to read this next year.  I just chose some from my library, realizing that I had many books that I bought and hadn’t even read yet!  A couple of them I want to read again. Read and study…….find whatever interests you about GOD.  The information is endless! And remember, there will be growth thru your study.

Make a commitment today to search for the LORD……..Don’t just search on Sunday.  Search for HIM every day. When you do, you will find yourself ending your days well.  And the LORD will draw close, because of HIS love for you.

If you have a unique way of spending time with HIM, I would love to hear from you.  Let us all end today well!






4 thoughts on “Let’s End Well

  1. God’s blessings in your new year of 2017. This has been another blessed and wonderful year with family, loved ones and friends. It has been such a joy to meet new friends, brothers and sisters in Christ too. Each day of each year, I try to write a thank you to our Lord. I do nothing unique or special for my time with the Lord but, I do meet with Him, the Creator of Universe daily (occasionally miss) in my “prayer chair.” I had my little space before seeing War Room but now know how important that place and time has been for me over these past many years. He fills me daily with His love, peace and grace and I so enjoy being still in His presence.

    Thank you for your blog and the reminders of how we can take the things of every day and turn them into worship, service and thanksgiving to the God of gods.

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