So here is a small snapshot of my desk at home………I spend many an hour either writing there or typing on my laptop.  This small spot is sacred to me.  I do love sitting outside as well, but this little corner of my world is mine and GOD’S. 

You don’t need to be a writer at all to honor GOD,  just a collector of thoughts on a page dedicated to the LORD.  A journal or notebook will do.  Choose one that you are comfortable with and let your thoughts and prayers flow.  Can’t do that every day?  That’s ok……..I’m not consistent with my writing either, but I’m trying to do better!

I have been writing this blog for a few years now, and what I have found is that writing in and of itself can become a type of worship and praise to GOD.  Yes, there are many gifted writers and writing can be intimidating.  Some blog writers I know blog every single day!  But the purpose of my blog here has always been to honor and praise the LORD.  If in some way, I can make you, dear reader, turn your focus towards our beautiful CREATOR, then I have done my job.

It’s funny how this process of writing happens for me.  Sometimes, honestly, I got nothin!!  And when that happens I pray intentionally to the LORD, for HIM to lead me in the right direction and subject matter.  And for what it’s worth, so far, HE has never let me down.  Looking at a blank screen by the way, is no fun!

Writing put into a form of worship to HIM feeds my faith and I hope yours as well.  You can do this too…….jot down those thoughts that come into your head that you feel or know GOD placed there.  This can happen any time of the day or during your devotional time.  It’s good to keep a record of what you are thinking or even saying to the LORD.  Writing down your prayers can be effective also.  I have found I can go back and reread what I have written and I am always encouraged myself. Sometimes I have to wonder, “wow, that was so well said, I know it came from the LORD!”  It is a comfort knowing the SPIRIT is in my head and thoughts.

If you have read through the BIBLE you can honestly say that the LORD is a master with words.  I wish I were better……..but I know my job is to form ideas and meanings and make something beautiful out of it.  And I am thankful every day that the WORD is there to guide me when I am struggling to write.  

I read somewhere that writing in and of itself is really an act of faith…….believe me I get that because I live it each week!  I need to have the faith that GOD will give me the words, but most of all, the time to post those words.  Even though these posts are around 500 words or more, they do take time out of my schedule.  I can easily spend a whole morning or afternoon on one post! 

I find that putting thoughts to a page causes me to go deeper and to dig deeper for answers……..mostly like: “wonder what GOD says and thinks about this?”  My faith helps me create meaningful writing, something with a purpose and a goal.  Remember……..

Deep thoughts cultivate deep and meaningful WORDS.  

I am always in awe of scripture and how those thoughts are so perfectly put, aren’t you?  And even with the different versions of scripture say the KJV, NKJV, or the NIV or ESV versions, a change in one word can make all the difference in the meaning and understanding of it.

Writing might be a struggle for you, but that’s ok because GOD is still listening and HE knows what’s in your heart.  HE is watching you with your pen in your hand as you sit down to write.  I find for me it leaves me feeling peaceful.  So I have to ask: does GOD meet us in the middle of all our thoughts when our thoughts are focused on HIM?  And does writing them down and giving them a space on a page, give them more meaning?

Be encouraged dear reader to just write when you can, and when you do, write from your heart……….worship the LORD as you do.  You don’t need to do it each day, but remember if you will cultivate a habit for 21 days, the habit should stick.  Putting your words on a page is a way of sending your praise back to the LORD.  Write down your prayers, your thoughts, your words, your questions and be still and listen for HIS voice.  HE sees and HE knows……….and HE answers, as HE blesses us with HIS peace and grace for the moment.  Happy writing and worshiping friends!




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