I hope all who read my blog had a wonderful and joyous Easter! I was thrilled to be able to serve and greet all who walked through our doors at Central Christian Church at the Gilbert Campus in Arizona.  I must admit there was a definite energy of the Holy Spirit in our building.  Spring was in the air outside the Church with trees full of yellow blooms and a bright blue sky.  Families were dressed in their best and those who greeted me had joy in their voices as they wished me a “Happy Easter, HE HAS RISEN!”

Our message spoke to reflection, a consideration of our pasts, present and futures. At Easter and often we should reflect upon where we are in our walk with the LORD as well as our lives.  This world has a way of driving you to your knees, but in spite of that. we should be living each day with joy for the LORD in all of our being. Honestly don’t you know some Christians that are just going through the motions?  I wonder if it grieves GOD’S heart when HIS children do just that……..instead of being in the land of the living, they are the walking dead!

Because CHRIST died on the cross for our sins and then rose from the dead, should give us HOPE beyond words. We need to tell everyone who comes across our paths that there is still HOPE and there always will be.  If you just lost a loved one, there is still HOPE.  If you have just gone through a marriage breakup, there is still HOPE.  If you have lost your home or your job, there is still HOPE.  If you just received that tough diagnosis, there is HOPE around the corner.

Our LORD came into our dark world because of HOPE, therefore nothing is hopeless!  Isn’t that the Christian message? Be ready to give an account for the HOPE that you have to anyone who asks you.  Don’t worry about what you will say, because GOD will give you those words when you need them………you have to live in the HOPE with HIM to be able to describe it!

Let’s not let the familiar celebrations of Easter steal our wonder of it.  Don’t go through the motions……..look around you at the Spring that GOD has sent forth once again and marvel at it!  All seemed so dead with winter, but look at the plants and flowers poking through the ground in the HOPE for their spring and summer! HOPE means to long for with expectation! Imagine what the disciples felt after Good Friday…….on Saturday they must have lost all HOPE!  But then the 3rd day came and HE ROSE FROM THE DEAD……..THE TOMB WAS EMPTY!  What a joy HIS followers must have had remembering what HE told them at the Last Supper.  I am sure many of them hoped that what HE said was true……..but they were confused by it as well. On that 3rd day their HOPE was renewed and then confirmed when many witnessed HIM appearing in their midst.

My point is this: if you are not in some way changed or encouraged by the Easter Celebration then you’ve missed the reason for HIS resurrection.  JESUS CHRIST came so that we could live in the grace and HOPE that the rest of the world struggles to find!  HE is our HOPE, our salvation and our daily mission.  In HIM we find forgiveness and strength, but most of all love for others, because Easter is not about the egg finding, and the pretty dresses.  It is about JESUS’ victory over the tomb, and HIS message of HOPE to our world, for now…….. and forevermore.





    1. Thank you LYNN!
      I do hope you find some encouragement and some peace from visiting here. This is a sacred place…….it is GOD’S blog really. I am HIS instrument only. Blessings and much peace to YOU! Thanks for following!


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