SEASONS OF LIFE……..some are easy, some are hard, some are confusing, some make perfect sense, others can be dry……..dry as a bone…….like a desert.

Maybe you are in a dry season right now, or maybe your life is filled with all the wonderful blessings GOD can give you………or maybe you are just coasting along and are perfectly content with where you are.

Did you know that a good season won’t last forever and that GOD says: “I will give you the treasures of darkness”? Isaiah 45:3.  Our light can turn into darkness overnight, but my heart tells me that GOD meets us in that dark place in a big way and extends all HIS love and grace upon us.  HE is the treasure! The very next verse in Isaiah also says this: “……..so that you may know that I, YAHWEH, the GOD of Israel call you by your name.”  Isn’t that a comfort? HE calls us because HE knows us and understands perfectly the season we are in.

So, keeping the above scripture in mind, being in a dry season or even a dark season, requires us to passionately pursue our GOD, to not give up just because the season is hard, or dry or boring or whatever!  Let’s think about this, when the devil decided to tempt JESUS, where did he take HIM?  In the desert!  JESUS persevered and said: “Man must not live on bread alone.” (Luke 4:4)  JESUS prevailed as the HOLY ONE who suffered and patiently endured the hardship for GOD’S deliverance and empowerment. Could it be that our best times for spiritual growth are when we are in a dry season?  Could it be that we mature in HIM when we have come to the end of our rope and we finally must let go?


No one bothers to tell you that being a mature Christian, will require these types of seasons. No one tells you that when you are a new Christian that all the fire you have for the LORD, might one day burn out……..then what do you do?   And what do you do when life really does get too hard?  Because we are human, we tend to want to give up when it all gets too difficult. I think we know that about ourselves, but GOD knows it too!

In Isaiah 58: 11 it says: “The LORD will always lead you, satisfy you in a parched land, and strengthen your bones.”  Let’s take solace in these words to us because in the very next verse it says: “You will be like a watered garden and like a spring whose waters never run dry.” 


Since HE guides us and leads us in all of our days, does HE lead us into the desert because HE knows our reaction and wants to do something unique in and through us?  JESUS knows us better than we know ourselves, don’t you agree?  Could our trusting HIM in all seasons, really be what GOD wants from us?  Total trust? Maybe our dry seasons are our BEST seasons! Maybe through perseverance there will be victory. Giving up isn’t an option with GOD by your side, pressing on and moving forward is!

When my husband and I first moved here to Arizona, I would say, now that I look back on it, that I was in a dry season.  I couldn’t seem to pray without my mind wandering.  I couldn’t get into a devotion schedule and my time with GOD seemed stagnant……..I wanted the momentum back, the moving forward and the passion that I had before we moved.  Notice I said “I”!  I had no friends here and since I didn’t know anyone, my time alone everyday was a struggle. Since GOD knew my heart and I tend to have simple conversations with HIM, I found myself asking: “OK GOD, where are we going with all of this?”

It took a few months, but GOD answered in HIS own way.  HE lead me to a group of Christian women to be a part of and they embraced me!  Being in the desert gave me the courage to reach out and get out of my house.  And then one day I realized that I was moving forward again on my path.  In those dry seasons, you need not be alone!  Find a friend or group to share with…….pray for it first and then see how GOD answers!  HE will send what you need, when you need it.  Just persevere friends……..never give up.  I don’t want you too, and neither does GOD!  Because you are willing with your heart, and with all of HIS help and strength to persevere, then the dry seasons that do come won’t last forever……..it’s a promise!





  1. Girl….did I ever NEED this message!!!!!!!! I am currently in a dry season & the enemy has beat me up with guilt & confusion so much that I didn’t know…..I just didn’t know!!! I’ll be honest here in hopes that this may help someone that reads my comments. When I was in my early 20s, I became a born-again Christian & the HIGH you speak of was the greatest feeling in the world. I was SO full of God’s Spirit that for days I didn’t eat because natural food was no needed or wanted. I was being fed ALL I needed by My Father! My faith journey was easy in the beginning. I attended a church that was full of people who loved The Lord as much as I did. I enjoyed the fellowship so much & couldn’t wait for each service. But then, due to trouble within the church, a split happened & many of the people who were the pillars of the church left. When they left God’s Spirit left with them. I went back a few times to this church, but the services were dry. God’s Spirit cannot…will not….dwell where there is upheaval & darkness in a church. I felt lost….here I was a young Christian just learning to crawl & the breakup of my church floored me. Dry season #1! So, I found another church. In this church I grew, singing with a group that included my sweet wonderful Momma. It was such a great place to be!! After awhile, attendance began to drop for no particular reason & many times it would just be the Pastor & his immediate family having service there. I too, was one who wasn’t attending every Sunday service due to my husband’s work. Eventually, the Pastor just decided to stop having services & he & his family began attending another church. Here I was again..a lost lamb!!! Dry season #2!! I backslid & completely walked away from God. I became a person I wasn’t proud of! I am thankful to say that God NEVER let me forget WHO I belonged to & I knew that one day He would call me again. Even though Christ is only required to knock once, He NEVER lets His Sheep stray too far or for too long without calling them by their name!!!!!! I rededicated in April 20, 2013 & was filled with The Holy Ghost that following July! I belong to a church that God lead me to & it has been a JOY serving Him that is unlike my first servitude. I have freedom that I never knew before. BUT, with all that said, I find that I am in a major dry season & that’s one thing that isn’t talked about enough in churches I’ve attended so I have found that I’m lost again. I want to thank you, Maxine, for the post because I feel it is meant for me!!! You told me God gave you what you needed to say & He knew what I needed to hear….all hope is NOT lost just because I’ve found myself in the desert & HE IS STILL CALLING ME BY MY NAME!! He has not let me forget WHO I belong to & I am HIS & HE IS MINE!!!! Many are called, but few are chosen. You my dearest friend have been chosen to cast a brilliant light in a dark & dismal world. YOU are a blessing to ALL who read & follow your blog!! I love you & am truly honored to call you my sister & friend!! God bless you….always!!!!!!!!


  2. Hey Friend………What I learned myself from looking up GOD’S word and attempting to write this post was that satan tempted JESUS in the DESERT. I think that is profound! I saw a direct link to that and our seasons of being in the desert. It is there where satan tries to do his dirty work with us, but if we hang on to the ROCK that will never be moved, those seasons are also our best opportunities for growth and spiritual depth. So never lose heart! You are where you are for a reason……..GOD knows you best!


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